IGIR Woodiee & Lil Durk Drop “Hasta Leugo” Remix

IGIR Woodiee is a fresh act emerging out of Decatur, Georgia. Throughout the course of the past year, he has built up a strong, cohesive catalog. The single features production from StardustSZN. He has also worked with the likes of TnTXD, Tago, and Tahj Money. Woodiee’s music is backed by twangy guitar chords and soulful organs that fortify his Southern sonical roots. In November of 2019, he dropped his second EP titled “Vibe Nites Vol. 1”, headlined by “Hasta Luego ” a fan favorite and stand out song. 

At only 18 years old IGIR Woodiee found massive success with the single Hasta Luego, independently racking up over 8 Million streams on Spotify alone, commanding a lot of attention from new fans in a global audience. With the success of the original it only made sense to get one of the hottest rappers out, Lil Durk, to be a part of the remix. Sonically he fits the song like a glove and they together have really delivered a great record!

The record is fun but does not seem like a reach for either artist. IGIR Woodie seems to be one the next bubbling artists from the Eastside of the A. Atlanta is known to breed stars and from what we can hear, Woodie is next up. Lil Durk further solidifies his stardom with a poignant verse and an awesome melody.

Check out the single today!

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