Ifueko Creates Memories On Her “Living in my mind” YouTube Page

Ifueko was born and raised in New Jersey. It was in early 2018 she had begun her YouTube “Living in my mind“. Previously, Ifueko worked for Universal Motown Records where she ventured into the entertainment world studying public relations for a vast quantity of celebrities. While at Universal, Ifueko converted into a radio personality for Clubzone FM.

Furthermore, the now seasoned celebrity publicist began acquiring her own clients and thriving in brand and media building. By this time Ifueko built influential relationships through the entertainment industry. Being completely transparent and relatable she continued to build her YouTube. Ifueko’s background sets the tone for who she is today and introduces her viewers to her witty, silly personality that can make anybody smile.

The title of the channel “Living in my mind” explains the concept of her YouTube channel. A girl who converses with her mind “Star Power“. Together Ifueko and her mind discuss interesting and entertaining topics. As a result, there are a vast variety of topics that stretch from; Day to day conversations. As well as uncomfortable talking points that she and the viewers can converse.

In addition, on the Channel, there are exclusive interviews and guest appearances. Learn more about the girl who lives in her mind and is not afraid to share it with the world. Videos are posted every week and normally fall on topics relevant to what is going on in the world at the time. Sharing her videos on youtube has turned into her passion and she is dedicated to making quality videos for the world to enjoy.

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