IDK Puts His Creativity on Full Display With “Digital” Video

IDK Continues Momentum With Digital

The Maryland emcee IDK has a current run of wins from a collaboration with Adult Swim, last years XXL freestyle, a partnership with Warner Records for his record label Clue, and a recent announcement for a brand new album Is He Real. IDK is on a career roll of consistent excellence. He continues this with a new single titled “Digital” and a uber-creative video for it. Recorded in gritty, lyrical but laid back production with a powerful message, it shares a similar style to a current hip hop legend. Yes, this might surprise some readers but a bit of Kendrick Lamar can be seen from IDK. A number of critics have drawn comparisons to pre-GKMC Kendrick Lamar to the Maryland artist, and “Digital” supports those claims.

A Message Sent In Multiple Ways

The lyricism in conjunction with the black-and-white visual attempts to confront the shallow and stereotypical way urban and African American culture is consumed. He alludes that outsiders to the culture take in “black propaganda” through media like music videos and news clips. The shots of law enforcement and school-age children laughing at videos of black men flashing weapons correlate with clips of wild animals, backing up IDK’s main points in the video.

IDK makes comparisons to show how black culture is celebrated through the use of other cultures but is ridiculed when African American people celebrate it. It’s powerful, concise, and creative! It gives me a Section.80 vibe every time I view the video. To conclude this, watching it can draw certain feelings but the Kal Banx–produced track itself is a banger. It sounds good, looks good, and has a good message so it’s two thumbs up from me!

Watch Below

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