IAMRE$T Prepares For A Marathon In 2023

Hip-Hop Is The Universal Language Of Generation Z 

Hip-Hop is a genre of music that is often misunderstood. It is easy to see why – the lyrics can be violent; the messages are sometimes anti-establishment, and the music empowers youth culture to defy conventional traditions of life and create their own destiny without compromise. Nevertheless, Hip-Hop is the most popular and influential genre of music today, and IAMRE$T’s music is a shining example–and a vivid illustration of why Hip-Hop is the most significant music genre in cultural history. As a reflection of the creative genius behind rap music, IAMRE$T’s music is one of the purest forms of it. 

IAMRE$T’s sound provides an ultra-unique vibration inside Hip-Hop culture. Listening to his music fuels people’s souls and converts their weaknesses into strengths. Believing in yourself is an expensive attribute that most people can’t afford in life. Understanding the impact of your purpose enables a person to walk in it or live in mediocrity. Creating timeless music is a transcendental experience. Walking into a recording studio and unleashing a God-given ability that can change the world defines greatness. Navigating through the uncensored maze of rap is definitely not for the faint of heart. Transforming your life from a dream to a manifestation is a marathon, not a sprint. Running the marathon of greatness demands ‘Championship DNA’. 

IAMRE$T is an emerging force in the world of rap.  

In the context of youth culture, IAMRE$T represents what it means to survive – he chronicles the struggles and triumphs of everyday life with honesty and relatability. For those who are seeking to understand the plight, adversity, beauty, and sophistication of Hip-Hop, IAMRE$T’s music is the perfect place to start. Opening the eyes of pop culture and America is his responsibility to Generation Z.   

A fresh perspective and unique style make his music stand out in an often-misunderstood genre, and the messages of hope and resilience he conveys will resonate with anyone who hears it. Heading into 2023, IAMRE$T is preparing to release his life story on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. Revealing his pain, mastermind, and musical gift will inspire any hustler to believe beyond the block. IAMRE$T partnered with RADIOPUSHERS TV for TV/Film distribution. Stay tuned here for more at KAZI Magazine!

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