I.T. Shines Bright on new EP ‘Push That Button’

New Jersey rapper I.T. is bringing some major bounce, unforgettable lyrics, and addictive love songs. On his new album “Push That Button,” I.T. dials up the catchy flows on a mix of trap, club, and RnB-inspired production. “Push That Button” is I.T.’s first independent album since “This is I.T.” (2017) which he released under his full pseudonym, Infinite T. Listening to both projects back to back, I.T. proves to be a refreshing and multi-dimensional emcee with an authentic delivery. 

Sometimes I get nervous taking creative risks,” he explains, “but it’s helping me to grow. I’ve produced some of my own beats, I’m finding my singing voice more, and the fans have been responding to all of it. It’s dope.” 

As he prepares to kick off the Activate Tour throughout the northeast, I.T. is continuing to record and collaborate with new creatives along the way. Search “I.T. Push That Button” on all major platforms and get a dose of I.T.’s new formula below.

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