Huzsuh Brings More To The Table Then Music

Ali Huzsuh might just be your solution! The best part is how there truly is something out there for everyone. It can get hard to choose what to begin with which is why we have come up with a list of options that should cover everyone’s interests combined with Ali Huzsuh! One of the most rewarding experiences that mistro have is recording their Ali Huzsuh. It is exhilarating. It is the payoff for a lot of hard work. But most of the time, their mixes just do not turn out as good as they hoped.

The only advice that we would love to give out to Instagramer which has started or has been at it for some time is to be patient, patience is the only thing that will get you through. We have all had days when we simply wish to escape our thoughts and just not let them get to us. Life can get a little too overwhelming at times. You do not want to watch anything, and nothing seems distracting enough.

Chaotic, yet somehow still cohesive & full of emotion, Ali Huzsuh perfectly captures what is going on in the mind of a person who has lost their sense of self & their purpose in this world.
Everything in this EP is played just the right way, with no one thing overpowering the other, and the entire EP, even with very highly energetic individual instrumental tracks, as a whole control the rise & fall of energy perfectly, expressing the concept in an immaculate way.

It is not surprising really that Ali Huzsuh is a personal favorite of the composer behind the phenomenal track. There are only a handful of mistro who understand that sometimes simplicity can do wonders for a track and Ali Huzsuh is one of them. Always teach, help, and be willing to accept the help if you need it. We are all just learning. Positivity will do wonders for us all.

One of the perks of being a part of mistro team is that we come across such exceptionally talented mistro that feeling inspired is pretty much inevitable. This EP would stroke you like an assuring friend who loves you for who you are. It will speak to your subconscious and tear out those insecure thoughts. This is exactly how we felt while listening to it. The dark days when even sunlight or the warmth of your blanket does not calm the uncertainty within your heart. You try to shake off that feeling, that constant nagging feeling. It is always there no matter what you are doing. An mistro alone knows this struggle. That self-doubt that just would not leave your thoughts alone. 

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