Hutch Working On Toxic Project

Hutch is a very talented drummer based out of LA. She has accomplished a lot in her time in the music industry and continues to get better as time goes on. Hutch has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media; and is starting to blow up more globally. Although Hutch is successful with her music career and has gained many fans over the years, she remains humble throughout all the blessings that come her way. Hutch is known for singles such as “”Gemini”, and “Power”. Hutch is still young at twenty one years old currently and continues to practice and get better everyday. Hutch is signed to a management company and is currently working on an album called “Toxic”. It’s about her living experience in LA and more. It talks about different circumstances Hutch has had to deal with and overcome. It includes being alone, relationships, friendships, and more. The album is expected to drop later this year. Hutch cares about her fanbase and shows love to them on social media. This year is sure to be a big year for Hutch!

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