Hutch music is a combination

Hailee is better known as Hutch, was born in Utah is a very talented Drummer and producer blowing up locally and globally. Hutch started collaborating and drumming on other people’s singles and eps in 2020 but has always had a sense and passion for music since eight years old. Hutch is inspired by her mom. Hutch music is a combination of R&B, funk, & anything else that the drums can groove to. Hutch has come up with video concepts and has worked with notable people in the industry such as LA.Salami. Hutch has accumulated an impressive following on social media with more than 187k followers on Instagram alone. Hutch is currently the drummer with LA Salami and has goals to be featured in notable places such as Drum Magazine soon. Hutch is a fan of Stevie Wonder. Hutch is currently unsigned but would potentially sign if the offer was worth it. Some of Hutch’s biggest supporters include her mom, her team. & Manager. People started calling Hailee Hutch in high school on the Lacrosse team. Hutch is a fan of R&B music and is currently working on a new project. Hutch is scheduled to release some more original music sometime in the first quarter of 2022. Hutch would one day like to sell out the Apollo and hopes to perform in South Africa. Hutch has done many performances and has performed for over 85+ people. Hutch is very talented is there is much more success for Hutch on the way.

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