Huey V: The Milwaukee Sensation With “No Regrets”

Milwaukee’s Huey V wants to tell you a little bit about where he comes from in the new visual to his debut single, “No Regrets.” 

The KDS Visual-directed visual finds the Memphis Bleek’s Warehouse Music Group signee showing us the other side of Milwaukee that made him the relentless hustler you see today.  “Being from Milwaukee, the hustle and pain is embedded in you,” he said. “The city isn’t often covered, and the sound of Milwaukee is super underrated. There are a lot of solid artists from the city but not enough recognition like myself. The sound is reminiscent of Early Drill Chicago era, Detroit’s New Arising Street Rap, and The Bay’s western bounce.”

The track brings Huey’s paranoia to the surface as he finds it difficult to trust anyone. A real-life fear that created the lead single to his forthcoming album arriving in 2021. “Listen to the song… It’ll tell you how I really feel,” Huey V explains the song’s conception in a press release. “Milwaukee is a war zone, and I’m just maneuvering… with no regrets. Don’t trust my brothers. I Don’t even trust myself.”

The Future of Huey V

Huey V’s forthcoming album will be his Warehouse Music Group debut. The former Jay-Z-protege, Memphis Bleek, signed the emerging new artist after hearing his unique sound and seeing his relentless work ethic in the studio. And Bleek has an amazing track record for discovering stars as he has been very instrumental in the beginnings of several of today’s legends, including T.I. and Rick Ross.  On new label home, Huey V states: “Warehouse group is a movement, and everyone gets it. We’re lab rats always experimenting with sounds and music, but most of all, the support is 100. To be under the label group, it’s like Roc-A-Fella.”

Watch “No Regrets” below and check out the new single, available everywhere. Follow Huey V on Instagram for daily updates and more. 

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