How Singer-Songwriter Selina Albright Finds Inspiration

LA-native and independent singer-songwriter Selina Albright impresses her fans through her innate ability to evoke powerful emotional responses in all her projects. Pairing her sultry, angelic sound with a powerful multi-octave wailing and energetic stage presence, she certainly is one to remember today and has an unforgettable sound. 

Albright’s voice and spirit pierce directly into the soul and command attention. Inspired by greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, and Mariah Carey, among others, she has crafted a sound that is a balanced blend of all her idols but that is unique to herself. 

Her versatility is breath-taking and showstopping, and her versatility has allowed her to maintain creative flexibility from project to project. She regularly pulls back the curtain to her life on social media to showcase a dynamic glimpse of who she is day in and day out.

Being able to transform her life experiences into intimate, relatable lyrics and velvety melodies really sets her apart from the rest. Her latest single, “Jenny (Perfect Liitle Rows)”, is currently climbing the Smooth Jazz and R&B/Soul charts, though it’s not the first successful single of her career. Her 2010 Jazz single, “You and I” was one of iTunes’ Top 100 Jazz Downloads, and her 2013 EP Brighter topped the UK Soul Chart for four weeks straight!

Above all, Albright is a force to reckoned with, and she’s constantly processing and celebrating the joys and tests of life. For her fans, she wants to promote a spirit of self-care, empowerment, ,therapy, and healing. To hear more from Selina and stay up-to-date on her latest projects, you can check her out at the following links:

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