How Brothers Knick George, Keith “Youngin” George II and Partner Lamont “Renzo” Bracy Changed the Entertainment Industry

The introduction of streaming services and social media has changed the game!  What was relevant, just ten years ago, seems like child’s play when one follows the metaphoric transition from 45’s, 8-tracks, cassettes, cd’s, usb’s, to now; effortless streams.  

In early 2022, three key entertainment executives joined forces in conjunction with the Kandiid App to inspire not only musicians, but creatives of all genres. For three seasoned entertainment execs, Keith “Youngin” George II, Lamont “Renzo” Bracy and Knick George, the industry remains the same; however, it’s a different game and strategy. 

For Youngin, a former mixtape dj, he views the changes as an opportunity to create new and improved lanes.  Far removed from producing epic mixtape compilations, Youngin has spent the later part of the past 12 years perfecting his craft as a dot connector in the entertainment industry. Youngin began by co-managing two high profile artists, to presently serve as a  music liaison now in the  tech industry.  Youngin joined Kandiid App at the end of 2021 as a strategic advisor, and today he is the Director of Procurement. Throughout 2022, Youngin  has overcome the trials and tribulations of being part of something great.  In addition,  after nearly a four year hiatus, Youngin has found himself back in the music industry.  In May, Youngin took on the management role with his first client, multi-platinum producer De-Capo. 

Lamont “ Renzo” Bracy, a known author and A&R for various independent labels has worked in the entertainment industry for the past ten years as an artists manager. In the fields working deals for clients, Renzo has run across some amazing opportunities. In 2017, Renzo became the VP for Wazzup Media Group, scouting and branding artists in the music industry. Upon securing deals for various clients, Renzo was introduced to the Kandiid App founder, Antoine McLaughlin and accepted the position of Director of Public Relations. Through networking with team members, Renzo and Youngin began a partnership which led to the formation of ProMediaBank and Aux Punch Mag.  In addition, Renzo is in negotiations to publish his long-awaited biography, “Insignificant, Significant,” and a short movie, Rockford Ave.  Today Renzo continues to create the narrative, always pushing the culture forward.

Knick George, a young socialite rising in the entertainment industry due to his many connections with high profile celebrities in San Antonio, prides himself off his work ethic. Knick is the proud co-owner of Krazy Car Care auto Detail Company with business partner Chase Bennett. Knick hopes to bring upscale events for enthusiasts like himself. Knick is big on the Car scene; in recent years Knick has become a collector and fan of Super Cars which include foreign, classics, muscle, and tricked out midsize coupes. With connections from associating with some of the biggest names in the Alamo city, Knick finds himself as a resource for many in the area. As an influencer, Knick knows the value of exposure and marketing, which he hopes will bring new opportunities to the city. Today, Knick enjoys his time as a full-time student and investor in the Kandiid App. The opportunity to be a part of groundbreaking technology is at the forefront of Knick’s aspirations of running his own tech firm in the future. 

In conclusion, Renzo, Knick and Youngin remain vigilant to the turns and progress within the tech industry. “I find it fascinating the way God has put the three of us on the same wavelength, at the right time,” states Keith “Youngin” George II. The future is bright, and only time will reveal what’s in store for these three pioneers.

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