Houston We Have A Problem…Marqus Clae Soars to the spotlight

Every so often we come across an artist who demonstrates skills comparable to our favorite legends. As the masses gear toward incoherent bars and lackluster wordplay, Marqus Clae, the Houston repping, “I’m like A.I., I don’t give a fuck about practice”, the rapper is soaring as a breath of fresh air within the Hip-Hop community. 

His single, “Allen Iverson”, is passionately constructed to demonstrate his persona and how his skills will ultimately separate him from his competitors. Lines such as, “I’m the oldest I am not a fucking baby brother”, effortlessly present how he will not be ‘sonned’ in an industry full of vultures. 

Marqus Clae latest album, Pandemic, which hosts the record, “YNS (Freestyle)”, is a phenomenal work of art in itself. During the album, he speaks about life growing up in Houston which paints a vivid picture in the minds of fans who’ve never experienced his lifestyle. 

Perhaps one of his most vulnerable records on the album, “Apologies”, is all about accountability and resilience as he recognizes the pain he has endured and caused growing up as an inner-city youth. In the record, he rhymes, “I’m sorry for the pain I caused to mama, I’m sorry for my daddy not being a fucking father. I’m sorry that you had to raise me all alone, working hard as bones, trust me you are not alone, I’m going harder…I’m sorry.”  

Although young, Marqus is a very special talent who competes at the highest level of artistry. His dominant wordplay and superior writing allow him to shine on any record he attacks. In due time, the masses will surely add him to their list of best rappers in the game because of his wordplay and ability to paint graphic images within their minds.  

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