Hotboii Talks Double O Baby, Florida, and The Future

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Meet Florida rapper Hotboii. Best known for his breakout single “Don’t Need Time which currently” sits at 16.5 million streams on spotify. Hotboii has been rapping since he was young, but right before he was about to blow up in 2016, he found himself in a juvenile detention program until 2018. When Hotboii was released, he hit the ground running. He has since received massive amounts of love and support from rappers and fans across the globe, as well as some high profile features from Lil Baby, Polo G, Plies, Stunna 4 Vegas, and more! Hotboii is bringing a new sound to the Florida scene. After a very busy 2020, he is expected to have an even crazier 2021. Read our interview with Hotboii below and keep a lookout for him this year.

Life in Florida

Tell me about your childhood and what it was like growing up in Orlando.

Single parent, it was just my momma. A lot of siblings, a lot of stuff to do outside feel me, just typical.

Were you more in the city or more in the suburbs?

City, I moved to the suburbs when I was like 16, but thats when I was in jail tho.

One of the things that you’ve become known for is your devil like hair. How long have you been rocking that style?

Probably like three years. I first started my hair like this when I was in the program, that was like three years ago. I’ve been out about two.

How long does it take you to style it like that every day? 

I wake up just like this. 

What’s been something that’s been getting you through this pandemic, like what’s what’s been keeping you motivated?

I think about my son, my girl. The pandemic, It didn’t do nothin to me tho. 

Double O Baby

Congrats on the release of the release of Double O Baby. What was it like working on an album during a pandemic?

Pretty easy because everything was closed, the clubs, everything was closed, so I didn’t have to worry about those shows. So I’ve got more time in the studio. Throughout the whole quarantine I was in the studio most of the time.

About when did you start working on Double O Baby?

The first day we picked songs for Kut Da Fan On, that same day I started working on Double O Baby.

What made you decide to put Mosey, Toosii, and Shiesty on the album?

Shiesty had DMd me, instagram told us to do a song together. Toosii he DMd me, I DMd him too. Mosey didn’t Dm me, he just popped up in Miami and we went to the studio.

When you’re working with other producers and artists, were you at the studio in person with them or was a lot of it just sent over the Internet?

The super producers we linked in the studio, but the other producers they sent to my email. That’s how I get on these songs.

And what about the like Poo Shiesty, Lil Mosey and Toosii?

With Toosii the song that we did I just sent that one to him. But we was in the studio after that. Prior to that, we had another song. Shiesty I sent him that too but we did a video when I linked with him. Mosey, we linked in the studio, he came to Florida.

You worked with a bunch of producers on this album, ranging from small to big. Which one do you think is your favorite one to work with and which was your favorite to rap on?

My favorite producer would be ATL Jacob tho

Orlando Music Scene

What’s the Orlando music scene like and how do you feel that it’s changed over the years?

Ain’t gonna lie over the years, everybody is trying to rap. That’s really what changed, everybody tryna be a rapper now. there are more artists in Orlando now than there used to be. 

Florida has been has had a poppin rap scene, especially in the past few years.

Ain’t gonna lie Florida been going crazy. 

Are there any artists from Orlando that you’ve been fucking with lately?

Took, Rico thats pretty much it.

So tell me about your time in the program, do you feel like it’s affected your music?

Yeah, most definitely.

Is that where you really honed in, you started writing music and doing music more serious?

I was doing music before I went to the program. I had just like one song that went crazy, but then right around that time when I was supposed to be turning up, I went to jail. Wen I was in jail, I really just perfected my craft. So when I hop out i’ll be ready for it. 

What’s next for Hotboii

So you have a video coming out with Pooh and you just dropped a video for menace a week ago. Do you have any other visuals that you expect to drop along with the album

I got the video with Shiesty and Toosii, I’m trying to do a video with Mosey. I got videos for a couple of the songs on the album already.

If you were to do a collab project with any artist right now, who would it be? 

I don’t know because a couple artists are like “Oh, let’s do an EP” Toosii said that before, Shiesty said that.There’s a couple more artists I want to name that said that.

This is a really great project and I really enjoy listening to it. Do you think you’ll be dropping any new music soon? 

I’ll probably give it about 6 months 

Are you already working on new music? What’s your plan for 2021. 

Be Rich, all my people be rich. Me being the best rapper in the world.

If you had anything you wanted to say or give to your fans or to the world right now, what would it be? 

Be different, be yourself, thats all. 

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