HoodCelebrityy Unleashes “Hype Me Up”

The Jamaican, Bronx-bred booming artist HoodCelebrityy returns with her most recent release, “Hype Me Up”. The hot new hit comes on the heels of her sizzling “Liar / Last Laugh” single which continues to do numbers! 

On the trendy track, Hood taps into her old flow. In fact, it’s reminiscent of her breakout banger, as the “Walking Trophy” reminds us how and why she continues to do what she does. 

Keeping her mic wrapped around the industry’s neck, HoodCelebrityy effortlessly rose to prominence through her laced lyricism laid over a variety of Hip-Hop and Reggae/Dancehall beats. In doing so, Hood has become one of the first few artists to flawlessly blend two genres and flow over classic instrumentals.

Bringing it back to the beginning, her debut mixtape, Trap Vs Reggae, demonstrated just how talented and diverse she is as an artist. When reflecting on the inspiration behind her recent release, HoodCelebrityy goes on to say:

“I put out “Hype Me Up” because I wanted the world to know what I’m capable of as an artist who can also rap. I can’t even say my fans don’t know because they’re the ones that know this is how I started. I wanted the world to see how versatile and talented I am. I also want people to understand that they can’t put me in a BOX, like I really does this sh*t and they better know I’m back in my bag Inna real life!!!! They gone get the Jamaican girl that grew up in the Bronx and was raised on 

Reggae/Dancehall and Hip-Hop music, this is Hood we gone give them back some flavor of “Trap Vs Reggae”. 

For her fresh follow up freestyle, Hood spit fire! Flexing on the beat, HoodCelebrityy reassures fans as to why she is a formidable opponent. After keeping it low key for a minute, Hood got in her bag with this banger and is ready to showcase her talents to the world! Throughout the freestyle, you can hear and feel her confident swag. In addition to seeing that HoodCelebrityy is back on her bully! Also, be sure to check out here popular, previous release “Signs” as well! Don’t believe me? Press play here at KAZI Magazine! Lastly, let us know what you think! 


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