Honey Is NJ’s New Street R&B Star

Honey Baby aka Ajaysiya Byers was born in Neptune, New Jersey, and raised in Asbury Park, NJ. Ajaysiya grew up listening to a variety of artists and watching her father be active in the music industry. These experiences stuck with her and fueled her dream of being a musical artist. She says, ‘I don’t remember wanting to do anything else, music was always it.’

As a kid, Honey would write songs whenever she felt up to it and when she matured she started to invest her time into developing her craft. Honey debuted as an artist to the world herself once she graduated High School with her cover to Summer Walker ‘Session 32.’ Since then she has been keeping the momentum up under the management of  Ron the Don with released music like “Can’t Be,” “You,” “Talk That S***,” “Slide Me In” and an EP “Nova.” Stream these on Soundcloud or Youtube.

The alto singer has a unique R&B sound that she describes as ‘very soft but yet little rough.’ She keeps her music personal and relatable for her listeners by writing as if she is talking to you through conversation or storytelling. 

The rise of Honey


Back in 2017, Bryson Tiller dropped a song called ‘Honey’ she was honey blonde at the time. Uninterested in using her actual name to showcase the music she decided Honey would be her introduction to the music industry.

Writing “Talk The S***” gave birth to her alter ego “Honey Baby”. The song described how she felt turnt and like that bit**. In comparison, the artist is softer and more in tune with her sensitive side. The NJ native also has a YouTube channel that focuses on beauty. You view it here

Ajaysiya is focused on sharing who exactlyshe is to her audiences and spreading that with an even bigger one. Stream Honey’s latest single “Slide Me In,” out on all platforms and check out her visual on Youtube.

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