Hip-Hop, Tattoos, and More with Tatted Swerve

We have with us Tatted Swerve who is doing wonders in writing and composing music for himself and his friends. This exclusive interview with Tatted will focus on his personal life, professional life, background, education, and many more aspects.

To which part of the world does Tatted Swerve belong?

Tatted Swerve was born in 1990 in New York and he always had the passion for the art field that includes music, art, innovations, and entrepreneurship. He has always believed in expressing the truth about his childhood in art and music.

Swerve got exposure to the world of music and art quite early in his life. His entire family was quite talented; his grandmother was a painter, his mother played jazz, and his father used to blast records with rap lyrics across the home. His childhood was tough, which made him learn how he could express his feelings through art and music.

So what has been Swerve’s favorite getaway since childhood?

Tatted Swerve often states that during his childhood, music was the best getaway for him. It used to take him away from reality at least for a while.

How did Swerve start rapping?

Swerve started rapping with his friends; however, he didn’t take it up seriously as a profession. Swerve began recording at his friend’s music studio at the age of 16, and then started going to this studio daily to record songs. Although he got better over a period of time, he still had doubts about becoming a rapper.

What did Swerve do when he decided not to become a rapper?

After making up his mind that he won’t become a rapper, he took up painting and tattooing to earn money and create a powerful fan base. He used to travel across the world as part of this vocation.

How did Swerve start his music career again?

After gaining name and fame, Swerve pursued his passion for music and came up with the debut single “Come Home” in 2018. The song featured Coi Leray in the lead and showcased the work of Swerve. He is still considering pursuing music and work with the biggest names in the music industry.


Tatted Swerve is undoubtedly one of the best melody singers in today’s world. With his career graph shining now, you can expect to listen to many songs from him in the upcoming years.

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