Hip Hop Sensation Bakefromthe5 Is A Name Worth Mentioning in the Music World!

Bakkefromthe5 has been fearlessly and unapologetically challenging mainstream media’s agenda his entire career. Always determined to reach success with his peers, such as with the release of “Watch What I Do 3” on all platforms. He continued finding just that, success. Not wanting to box himself into any single category or follow hyped-up trends, Bakefromthe5 hopes to be the producer that any artist can turn to no matter their mood or emotion. 

     As fans heard the production on Glorilla’s single “Gang Nem”  the multi-talent is working on getting more music beats finished and a couple of more hit songs of course.  Bakefromthe5 is a producer to keep your eyes on, he is more than set to leave his footprint in the music industry.

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