Hilgy presents: Think Deep Don’t Sink.

At times, writing a good song alone isn’t the end goal: there is ample legwork that pours into the production phase; finding the right balance of sonic excellence, texture, and presentation chops can give a great song the celebration it deserves. If you listen to Think Deep Don’t Sink, a brand new release by Hilgy, you will know exactly what the above statement is all about. More importantly, this song transcends excellent production and songwriting, going deeper into the idea of using the healing power of music. 

Hilgy cares about mental health, and he is a fervent advocate on the topic, using his artistry to generate awareness and talk about issues that are seldom overlooked. He works closely with his local church to help people overcome mental health struggles and feel more confident in talking about it openly. Many people feel like mental health is something that can’t be discussed because of the lingering social stigma.  As a result, they might bottle up their issues and experience even more problems from lack of accountability and a sense of security.  Hilgy knows what it means to feel alone and lost, and he values the power of connecting with others and sharing their mental health journey.

For this reason, he stands out for his one-of-a-kind ability to open minds with his music. Hilgy focuses on pouring his heart into his sound, releasing songs with content that matters; he is no stranger to reflective lyricism.  “Think Deep Don’t Sink” feels like an encouragement, an invitation for people not to fall into their problems and think deeply about their state of mind, to avoid sinking into a dark place.  The song comes beautifully packaged with a matching music video, perfectly complimenting the creative wordplay. At times, the best thing that we can do for our mental health is to take a deep breath, sit back and try to look at our situation from a different perspective. This inspirational song highlights this process to perfection, essentially becoming a soundtrack for listeners dealing with these very issues. 

Find out more about Hilgy, and listen to Think Deep Don’t Sink. This one is a must if you enjoy the work of fellow artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, or Anderson. Paak, Lupe Fiasco, only to name but a few. 

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