HerDrug Shares The ‘Adventures Of An Addict’

HerDrug latest project release is Adventures of An Addict. Furthermore, that is by far his most well-rounded and artistically forward release yet. He clearly has really found his sound since we first wrote about him and put together a wonderfully introspective, entertaining, and sonically-varied project that I think will be the jumping off point to him gaining more notoriety in the artist-packed city that is Atlanta. Drug hails from the Southside and has been making, recording, and producing music for years now, steadily perfecting his craft and touching every facet of the creation of his art.

Adventures Of An Addict is a ten-track project with no features. It gives a very three-dimensional look into HerDrug’s outlook and mind-state. Thus introducing the inquisitive, honest, and very high character that many I am sure will relate to. Furthermore, he receives a bulk of production support from Jootsu, as he is a part of many memorable tracks. Most notably his track “Tell Em!” with $not and Cochise. HerDrug’s delivery will probably very quickly register to you as having been heavily influenced by the music of his hometown, but I appreciate how Drug tries to build upon these previously established and embraced styles and further developing them. I love the project’s cover as well and hope that the visuals off of Adventures are as artistically inclined. I would definitely urge you to get HerDrug on your radar ASAP and look forward to seeing where he goes from here.

Lastly, check it out today!

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