Haze Banks Is Not Slowing Down This Year

Haze Banks is a jack of all trades. Growing up in Suffolk, VA, you see things not many other people do. As a multi-faceted creator, musician, and record label owner, Banks is not playing around. She has done a lot for her community by building up a strong foundation at Prime Records and DNA studio. Shortly after, she decided to dip her hands into the fashion world. Her brand “No Detours, Find Direction” is a limitless phrase that emphasizes the importance of focusing on yourself. While focusing on many projects, it is rare she gets to just sit and look back at her accomplishments. Luckily, her recent release “Escaping Poverty” with Black Auerbach hit over 100k plays and #12 on the iTunes Charts.

“My goal remains not only to watch my own dreams become animate and multiply, but to also be a conduit of those individuals who share equal drive.”

– Haze Banks

Making music has and always will be her main passion. After receiving that recent plaque, she looks forward to creating more moments like that. Her next release “Clones” is sure to be a moment for the 757. Collaborating with King Wizard and This Is Biggz is going to set the area on notice. Her new sketch show “The Let’s Get Blazed Show” is looking to be a hit for the summer also. You can peep al of her new endeavors on social media or on the websites below.

Check out Haze Banks and her business moves here: www.instagram.com/@hazebanks/


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