Harmony In Paradise: Opens Up About Being An International Group

International group Harmony In Paradise is using their music, creativity, and talents to empower and heal fans all over the world. Consisting of Davon, Veggatan, and Winston, these three artists have created an original sound infused with hip hop, reggae, and Afro-pop.

I caught up with these guys for a quick interview, in which they discussed how they met, their creative process and working with producer Zack Bromberg. Check it out below.

Harmony In Paradise Interview

Who is Harmony In Paradise? 

Winston: Harmony In Paradise consist of Winston, Davon, and Veggatan. Three city guys that have been part of the same struggle and wants the world to hear them on a big platform. Me and Davon were already close friends since grade school, but Davon met  Veggatan this year I’m South Africa. He feels like he has a story to tell much like Davon I (Winston). 

The genius mind of Davon Brown thought we should all come together as one and express ourselves through music. You have three of us which equals the trinity, aka Harmony In Paradise. 

How would you best describe your sound? 

Davon: Our sound is like Jamaica Queens in the summertime of 1999. Like being in the park in the most popping basketball tournament. It is unique like back in the day in Jamaica when Gregory Issacs, Shabba, Supercat, and Sean Paul had their era. 

What was the inspiration behind your “Glory” video? 

Davon: The inspiration for Glory was like knowing that a storm is necessary before the calm takes place. It was a Divine order in the midst of chaos, but in the end, love wins. 

Describe what it was like working with Zach Bromberg? 

Veggatan: Working with Zach Bromberg for our “Dreams Unfold The Soul” single, was very important to us as a group. We had been creatively separated before that point. We needed to keep the work going and Zack was the man we chose to work with.

We also worked with Jamaican producer Nafti Cole who helped me record in Cape Town, South Africa. The beat that Zach made was nice and easy flowing, which made it easier for listeners to groove to. 

 How has your upbringing impacted you musically? 

Davon: Man, I grew up waking up to songs like Tony Rebel’s “Fresh Vegetable” and to my uncle, Junior blasting The Lost Boyz “Music Makes Me High”. Being in the Jamaica West Indies and Jamaica Queens, there is a mix of that type of energy.

When can we expect a full project from you guys?

Davon: In Devine Time.

Press play below to stream their latest single “Dreams Unfold The Soul”.

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