Happy Jewelers Has Become The Custom Jewelry Store of Choice for Customers

The core value that Gabe and Danny Arik have adopted as co-owners and founders of Happy Jewelers is providing complete and total satisfaction for their clients. No matter what the price of their custom piece is, or how elaborate the design may be, every Happy Jewelers’ customer can expect results above and beyond their wildest imagination. By establishing personal relationships with all of their clients, Gabe and Danny are able to ensure that each design caters to their client’s every need. Setting themselves apart from all competition, Happy Jewelers is a force in the Southern California jewelry industry.

When Happy Jewelers was founded in 2000, the Arik brothers were college-aged and had opted for a life of entrepreneurship in favor of secondary education. As young business owners in a competitive industry, Gabe and Danny set mutual goals for their business plan and set out for success. Possibly the most difficult task for the Ariks was earning respect from potential customers and competition alike. Knowing they had the skills and drive to be a serious force in the industry, the brothers state that they “worked harder and smarter than everyone else” in order to climb to the status of success they are at today. 

An aspect of their business that the brothers highly attribute their success to is their strong foundation in manufacturing, which is due to the possession of their own facility. “Because we manufacture everything ourselves,” Arik shares, “we can create the most cutting-edge designs, offer the best pricing in the industry and maintain optimum quality control, but best of all, deliver what we promise, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.”

Unrivaled customer service and cutting-edge designs are only two aspects of the Happy Jewelers business model that has led the company to thriving success. “Our core value is customer service and part of that experience is our specialists getting to know the customer on a more personal level,” Gabe shares. “In doing so, we get to know the person by building a relationship and understanding what’s important to them, so we can help them design the perfect piece of jewelry.”

This impeccable business model that Happy Jewelers presents allows them to attract clients from all walks of life, including a few high-profile like country music star Jon Pardi and Chicago Cubs outfielder Joc Pederson. Even with athletes and musicians roaming their floor, Happy Jewelers maintains an ambiance resemblant of your own home.

“We treat our team members and our customers as if they are walking into our home,” the brothers state.

Learn more about Happy Jewelers at their website and explore their impressive collection of jewelry via their Instagram.

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