H is Bringing Artistic Creativity Back

H. Haagenti is an upcoming artist from a small town on the outskirts of Bay City, TX. About 1 hour South of Houston, who is very artistic. H uses his dance and music to express himself. The young artist’s style has been compared to Michael Jackson, Prince, and Usher as he does amazing live performances. H draws inspiration from some of the greats he has studied and credits them for the foundation they left in music. H makes sure when he performs to give his own eccentric twist to it. H believes music is derived from passion & is so much more than just sound to a person’s ears. He has said in interviews that music has the power to capture memories for a lifetime. This young artist wisdom is beyond his years with such wise words. H used his love and passion for music to practice over the years and get better at his craft in his own way. Through doing this H has built a solid fanbase online and in his home city. H has said when he was younger, he would study some of the greats and learn their dance moves. Over time, H practicing as a youth laid the foundation out for the artistic & creative content he makes. When he learned to channel his inner artist everything else came naturally. H has dreams of becoming a business mogul, & entrepreneur. He has plans to have several businesses, and main goal is to have multiple streams of income. He is focused on trying to evolve his sound and make sure to not keep his fanbase bored. H has said he appreciates and loves his fans. H has made sure to let his fans he knows that without their support he would not be where he is today. H plans on debuting some new music sometime next year in 2022 and has been posting well received snippets on social media.

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