H.E.R Taps YG For “Slide”

It’s always a great feeling when you have that one special person by your side who, no matter what, will stick with you through whatever. When the person you love is fly and their mindset syncs with yours, the emotions that follow are completely undeniable. H.E.R gives us a look into what that is exactly like. Following the release of her most recent project I Used To Know Her, the GRAMMY Award-winning singer connects with YG for her new single “Slide”.

The song opens up with YG talking about H.E.R and her famous sunglasses that conceals her identity.

“You always wear them glasses
You don’t wanna let no sucka look you in your eyes, huh?
Better show off them eyelashes
You love what you do with a passion
Oh that sh*t attractive
I f**k with you girl”

H.E.R proceeds to sing about the type of person she is and how her love interest has similar qualities. The connection is unexpected but was exactly what needed to happen. It seems as if she and the man she sings about have a Bonnie and Clyde type of relationship.

The sound of the track is completely different from what fans are used to hearing from H.E.R. This new side of the songstress shows her ability to switch it up while still keeping the listener captivated and in tune to what she’s saying.

Stream “Slide” by H.E.R featuring YG below.

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