GrowthwithMatty Showcasing His Talent Unlike Any Other

At 23, GrowthwithMatty done more than most people manage in a lifetime – he is CEO of a marketing company, he’s a music producer, and he’s released two stylish EPs, the first, “Covid Dreams,” the second, “The Cold Life,” which is just about to drop.

Both EPs give off a decidedly different vibe, so it will be interesting what comes next from this musician who sounds so seasoned despite his limited experience.

Luckily for us, he is currently working on new music, and wants to continue to challenge his own creativity, even if he’s not getting quite enough sleep.

While recording his own music is a newfound love, which will only expand his global exposure – it is one he loves so much that he’s been up recording every night, spending five or six hours at a minimum working on songs until they feel perfect.

We asked Matthew what the next step will be, and he said with all the progress he’s made in such a short period of time, success in the music industry feels inevitable.

It does for us as well, given the sophistication he’s displayed in his work so far.

One thing that seems quite likely is that GrowthwithMatty is looking to transform how we expect music to sound.

His instrumental, layered songs are taking the music industry to the next level, challenging listeners to find their own emotional connection to his work. Both “Covid Dreams” and “The Cold Life” feature unique beats with a sophisticated edge, giving him the leverage he needs to bring instrumental music into the contemporary hip-hop world.

The last time instrumentals were popular enough to scale up the charts was decades ago, in the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, with songs like Frankenstein” by Edgar Winter, “Taste of Honey” by Herb Albert, and “Pick Up the Pieces” by Average White Band.

Those songs have their place in the vault of music history, but there’s a fresh element of excitement and intrigue present in GrowthwithMatty’s work, and it is a sound that is likely to connect with many fans, both current and new.

He also wants to encourage others to take a chance and reveal themselves through the power that is music.

“My goal is just to inspire other young musicians, because I’m young,” he said.

He’s also uber-talented, which will hardly hurt his musical journey.

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