GreenEyez Is Gearing Up For His Highly Anticipated ‘2 Much Motion’

Affiliate Nation Music arrives with an announcement that’ll have you on your toes! Rising rhymer GreenEyez is gearing up for his forthcoming release of his second full length project. In less than two months, his highly anticipated 2 Much Motion is set to storm streaming platforms on March 24th, 2023! Remaining a force to be reckoned with, the new offering arrives as his second mixtape drop within six months! 

In fact, it will introduce the striving superstar to the world in a way that even his current fans haven’t witnessed. GreenEyez embarked on a mission to intentionally shift his music into a new space after releasing a compilation of songs recorded throughout the course of his climbing career in late 2022.

Lock Into Louisiana’s Leading Lyricist

The Shreveport, Louisiana lyricist embraces all of the sounds and experiences that have shaped his life in 2 Much Motion. Throughout the project the beats bring traditional Louisiana bounce and Hip Hop into the twenty-first century. In addition to a touch of drill sounds and cadences, in which GreenEyez’ vocals serve as an additional instrument on each track.

The laced lyricism is not only well-crafted, but also delivered in a way that almost conceals the rapper’s aggression and passion in his voice. The multifaceted musician has mastered the ability to make it all seem like fun and games… until you pay attention. However, at its heart, 2 Much Motion is a celebration of success and the freedom it brings. Both the title track and the lead single “I’m With All That” finds GreenEyez settling into a life with options he may not have had previously.

GreenEyez Is Gearing Up To Give 2 Much Motion

GreenEyez put his music to the test shortly after the raved record was released. In doing so, he illuminated the industry in front of the global Hip-Hop audience commanded by popular Instagram blog @FamousAnimalTV.

To date, his energetic performance of “I’m With All That” has amassed over 10.5K likes and 178K views. In addition to over 500 positive comments and counting from fans eager to hear more from this sizzling star! 

Overall, GreenEyez hopes this project inspires others in his hometown to reach for new heights. Don’t believe me? Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for the dropped deliverables from the trailblazing talent! For now, get familiar with GreenEyez by following him on social media. 


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