GODSON Is Entering Music For ‘Motivational Purposes Only’

Bronx-bred rapper GODSON, is here to be the motivational musician of the new generation! Undoubtedly his hunger for success has been the battery pack to his excelling music career. With musical influences from the likes of Dipset and G-Unit, his inspiring and relatable rhymes touch the masses. 

The Rise Of GODSON Fresh

Although GODSON just recently began pursuing music professionally in September 2021, his artistry and talents are well beyond his experience. Following years of friends, family and strangers encouraging him to become an artist, it was time he executed his calling as a rhymer. When reflecting on moments before tapping into music full time, GODSON goes on to say:

For years those around me always recommended it to me, they always said I look like a rapper, there would be times when people would ask me if I was a rapper when I wasn’t. I guess I stand out.”

For fans new and old, when asked what his musical sound is like, it’s described as “mature drill”. In which GODSON himself describes as… “It’s street and I feel like you can feel the hunger, the pain, and the authenticity in my music…”

With music and sounds that resonate with fans worldwide, GODSON has established a continuously growing fanbase. In addition to co-signs and respect from industry movers and shakers. In fact, since stepping on the scene, he’s locked in an interview with Gray Rizzy on Shade45 and his album release was featured on a Billboard in the middle of Times Square. His moves are already major and it’s only the beginning. 

GODSON is eager about the new year! As we have entered 2022 and outside is opening back up, he’s excited to hit the stage again. He is most excited about performing his most recent release which is laced with 9-tracks. 

For ‘Motivational Purposes Only’…

Following the release of his 2021 Motivational Purposes Only album available on all streaming platforms, he’s ready to showcase those records to the world. From the opening track “Everybody K” to “About It” featuring Money Ro, “Hellz Kitchen”, “Miami On The Water” featuring Nya Lee before wrapping with “Never Easy” featuring Donelle Valentine ; the entire project serves as motivational music for the church! 

Outside of trailblazing the music, GODSON is tapped in as an actor as well. With featured scenes in STARZ’s Power Book: Kanan, a main role in Old Head Season 3, backed by plenty more background work. 

Overall, this Million Dollar Motivational Man is here to take the music world and entertainment industry by storm! If you haven’t already, be sure to stream Motivational Purposes Only on your preferred streaming platforms. Lastly, let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine


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