Get To Know YungManny: The DMV’s Voice of The Youth

YungManny is only 16, but he is not your ordinary teenager. His name in the DMV has been solidified after doing countless shows, going viral like once a month, and dropping consistent heat. The Nigerian bar spitter has been using his platform for good in recent months. Not long after his latest project Confused was released, he was out on the front lines protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Although he is not old enough to vote, he understands that his fan base includes many people who can, and if he can impact them, he is happy with the results.

As a fellow DMV native, I have seen YungManny evolve into one of the essential artists in the area. Many people do not view the DC metropolitan area as a hub, but artists like YungManny are doing the work it takes to change that narrative. His unique style and infectious personality will inevitably lead him into the superstardom that he deserves. Best known for his ridiculous flow switches and impressive musical range, Manny has grown a strong base. His talent has led him to be featured on Kevin Durant’s latest project produced by fellow MD native IDK alongside Big Flock, Rico Nasty, and the legendary Juicy J!

Check out our awesome conversation below to get to know YungManny!

Dropping a project during a pandemic is one thing, but dropping during a pandemic and civil rights movement is another. When YungManny was asked if it was tough to be excited, his answer was simple. The Maryland native said, “It’s so weird with the Coronavirus quarantining along with the protesting for BLM. I’m not mad, because there are more important issues at hand dealing with life and death, but I am waiting for things to get back to normal.”

Manny doubled down on his stance by creating the #IntiateChallenge. This challenge battles the narrative that being a good citizen can be seen as “lame” in the DMV. Manny further exclaimed, “sometimes doing the right thing in a situation isn’t always looked at as the coolest. For instance, people may not want to repost news about the police brutality going on because it will alter the aesthetics of their social media page. But when you die, how important is social media? Not important all. People need to stop being worried about temporary things in life and focus on the real issues.”

YungManny takes a lot of pride in being Nigerian. The DMV has a large number of West African residents, and this most definitely contributes to his firm and supportive fan base. Although pride is healthy now, it was not always easy for Manny to be comfortable in his skin. When describing his experience, he claimed that “growing up, being African wasn’t cool. We were called ‘booty-scratchers’ and made the butt of the joke every day. I’m glad I could shine some light on the community I represent and shape our traditions and culture to seem attractive to the public.” Now that he is older, he can put on for his country. He made it clear that he got all of his morals from his culture. He was not shy to say that Nigeria has the best food, including their infamous jollof rice.

The self-proclaimed Yoruba Demon was adamant when mentioning Michael Jackson as his biggest influence. He appreciates MJ’s versatility and he tries his best to do the same with his own tunes. He wants his music to resonate with people the same way Mike’s does. Manny looks forward to getting on the road and bringing his energy to the stage when things open back up. He and his team have done a lot to improve the quality of his shows now that he is going to be hitting bigger venues soon.

YungManny’s latest project Confused is a collection of head-bopping bangers. You can hear the growth from his previous albums, and that was by design. In a candid moment, Manny said, “sometimes I feel like I have even to dumb down my music, or release my simpler songs because the world’s ears are premature and they aren’t ready for a sound as unique as mine. I say that with all humility, but each day I pray and plan to get better and better, so if you don’t know now, you will know soon. When every one of you can hear the depths of my mind laid out onto a track the way I envision, I’m sure to start replacing people in their top 5 list.” These claims are bold, but he looks to back this up in the upcoming years.

Yung Manny plans to give his fans another project before the year is up. Be sure to follow him on all social media platforms to stay up to date on all of his plans. For now, check out his fire new project, Confused!

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