Get To Know Young Lito: Brooklyn’s Resilient Wordsmith

Young Lito is no stranger to the darkness of the block, it’s what built him. Alongside the tribulations of growing up deeply entrenched in the block, Lito has dealt with trials that most could never fathom. Speaking on the Brownsville projects that he resided in, there was no question the impact of his environment were monumental.

“Out of all the friends I grew up with, there’s like 5 of us left. It’s crazy, I got friends doing 30 years or dead. We really used to carry guns to go get haircuts, or go get sneakers. When you’re on the come up as a young n****, you think it’s regular.”

These experiences are not only far from normal, but they are increasingly common within the Brooklyn projects. Stacked against statistics that were not built to favor the poverty stricken, the pressure expanded into a diamond within Lito’s soul. Imagine carrying guns to get a haircut, or even get sneakers. This was the reality that Lito lived as a youth in Brooklyn’s playground. Now older, Lito passionately spoke about actions that would not only benefit the community, but the next generation.

“We need need more centers, there’s one in my project but nothing goes on there – there’s no funding. If the block had camps, boxing or an activity to keep them occupied, we could change that shit. The street shit isn’t worth it. I know all too well,” reiterates Lito.

The violence would follow him into his budding rap career. In 2016, as shots rang out within Irving Plaza, Lito found himself cover, and managed to escape with his life. Unfortunately others in the plaza were not so fortunate. As time has progressed and wounds have healed, Lito reflected with a sense of confidence that only one who has experienced war could carry.

“It was weird having people comment on my actions from that video. I grew up in the hood, I’ve been running from gunshots all my life. Who doesn’t run when shots ring out?”

The senseless loss of life would affect Lito into his career alongside a plethora of unimaginable trials of strength. As Lito’s mother would undergo brain surgery and a close friend was killed, the priorities for the artist took a different turn. “I took a break from the music, other shit had to be addressed. I’m extremely blessed to have my mother in my life still. It was a pretty dark time, Lito explained.”

Fighting for his dreams has always remained engrained in his soul, and after handling his personal issues Lito would return back into the scene with fiery independent hustle.

Recently having released, ‘Can’t Even Trap,’ it is apparent Lito is comfortable. More importantly, has a chance to finally relax mentally. As someone whom experienced the the darkest side of life, he feels it’s his turn to give back the love. “I won’t let my people down. I have my aunts, brothers, little homies and close friends all looking towards me for inspiration. I’m going to get it for them,” Lito passionately explains.

Resiliency in the face of chaos. Lito remains a warrior.

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