Get To Know West$ide Kharri, Detroit’s Coolest Producer/DJ

W$ Kharri is the breathing living example of one of J. Cole’s most prominent bars “keep grindin’ boy your life can change in one year.” When we first connected two years ago, Dej Loaf and Jacquees had just dropped their fan EP ‘Fuck a Friendzone‘ featuring his first major placement ‘At The Club.’ Dillatown’s golden child had decided to leave his 9-5 and go on the road with the  music industry’s rap princess and friend Dej Loaf. Fast forward to now, the ‘At The Club’ producer has amassed over 100 million streams on Youtube and has traveled the country rocking shows with many of your favorite artists. West$ide Kharri embodies everything it means to be a Detroit player. When you see him out, you know you will see a uniquely placed fitted, some bluffs, and a clean pair of kicks.

The producer has now worked with Teyana TaylorDiggy SimmonsSupakaine, and many other shakers in the industry. His transition from Dillatown to Atlanta was a necessary step in his brand’s continuous growth. Kharri made it clear although it is refreshing to work with big-name artists, he finds the most joy locking in with up and coming artist and building chemistry that can not be duplicated easily. Kharri made it clear that being a producer is not as easy as it looks. If you do not have the big name or co-sign at the moment, you have to continuously cook-up to keep the flow going. This fits his style perfect because he does not find it necessary to jump on everyone’s wave because he finds solace being able to connect with an artist and grow a sound simultaneously like most of the greats.

The owner of the infamous ‘From Detroit’s Westside‘ tag is working on dropping his debut ‘DJ Khaled‘ style project that will feature various artists at different levels in their career. He was honest when saying that he does not necessarily feel like making beats every day. So when he catches a creative spurt, he makes sure to capitalize off it. He alluded to the fact that when you are back home, everyone that wants to work has to respect your new fee because you have earned it. Although being a tour DJ looks fun, it can be challenging to make money like you are used to unless the artist is in an elite class. He wants to caution all upcoming DJs that you have to decide if the look is worth more than what you can do from where you are. In today’s social media-heavy society it has become tougher to make that choice. 

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