Get To Know: Wellingta And Her New Single “Be True”

With her new inspirational single titled ‘Be True,’ German R&B singer and songwriter Wellingta is kickstarting her 2021 off strong!

Who Is Wellingta? 

Wellingta–whose name means ‘from the rich man’s farm’–was born in Berlin of Angolan and Brazilian heritage. Raised in a musically rich family, she developed a passion for all kinds of music. Those musical influences all can now be heard throughout her music. Ranging from R&B and dancehall to pop and afrobeats, to samba and global music. You name it! 

Wellingta has already established a reputation for delivering sultry and infectious R&B-pop bops. Keeping up the momentum, she does so again! This time on the danceable new single produced by long-time collaborator PRGRSHN, who has previously worked with Mahalia, Anne-Marie, and Stefflon Don. He is perhaps best known for his pioneering work with award-winning UK trio WSTRN.

“Be True”

Wellingta showcases her sweet raspy pop-leaning vocals and songwriting skill as she rides the R&B and dancehall musical backdrop. To glorious effects with global music speckles dotted over it, the combination makes for a truly addictive listen.

What does “Be True” Mean To You?

According to the London-based songstress, the single was inspired by the idea of staying true to yourself in difficult times and in any situation. Which is especially important given the current pandemic. Speaking about the inspiration behind her new single ‘Be True’, Wellingta says: 

“I have been working with my producer PRGRSHN on my upcoming EP and this track is one of our current favourite tracks, because of the message behind it. ‘Be True’ speaks to how we should strive to be our true selves in these hard times. Some things about you will be similar to others and some will be different. It’s the combination of everything that makes you unique. Let go of what’s out of your control. Learn the lesson, forgive the past and move on”.

The Visual … 

Wellingta’s ‘Be True’ visual comes as an inspiration of the early 90s R&B music videos from the likes of Aaliyah, TLC, and Janet Jackson. It is a true homage to the 90’s R&B icons who have influenced her music. From the retro location, to the warm color palettes, to the hip-hop dancers and even down to the classic valour wardrobe.

As a result, Wellingta teamed up with renown video director Jay Money. His directorial credits include working with Naira Marley, Youngs Teflon, M24 and Oxlade, among others. He understands what it means to bring the lively single further to life.

What’s Next? 

Wellingta comes with a multilingual cross-cultural fusion sound that she is excited to unleash in her highly anticipated upcoming debut EP. For now, take a listen to her hot new single titled, “Be True”. Let us know here at KAZI Magazine what you think!


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