Get To Know: The “Forever Tippin” Yung Pooda

With his new trendy track titled, “Forever Tippin,” Houston’s next up, Yung Pooda makes his highly awaited return and taps hit-maker DJ Chose. Joining forces, the two team up on the electrifying collaborative Salih William-produced track to bring a fresh flip to the classic Hip Hop anthem, “Still Tippin'” by Mike Jones, Paul Wall, and Slim Thug. Leaving an impressive first impression, Chose serves up a tasteful verse that demonstrates his hit-making prowess. 

The Mr. Boomtown Visual Brings The Record To Life 

Since it’s BET Jams premiere, the paired official music video brings the single to life through the lenses of legendary director, Mr. Boomtown (Gucci Mane, Bun B, Yo Gotti). The Houston superstars rush through the city and pay homage on their equally hard-hitting, Cool & Dre-produced offering. In this must-see moment Pooda returns with his lethal lyrics and eye-catching energy. The entire city showed up and showed out for the iconic visual. In fact, H-town legend Slim Thug, pulled up to give the bossed-up, hypotonic track his seal of approval. 

The Yung Pooda Effect 

Keeping up the momentum, Yung Pooda has proven to be a force with his magnetic appeal and shows no signs of letting up. As a result, the 2021 breakout sensation, curates the opportunity to carry the city as Houston’s next up. Recently he was featured in his hometown daily paper, The Houston Chronicle, with the publication proclaiming him to be “Houston’s next hip hop star.”

Presented by It’s A 10 Records, “Forever Tippin”  follows Pooda’s biggest hit to date, “Chicken ‘N Grits,” which featured Dreamdoll on the original and Trey Songz and Dreamdoll on the official remix. Following its release, the single has received accolades from Hot New Hip Hop, Rap Radar, On Smash, Hip Hop N’ More, and is currently in the millions of streams on Spotify alone, with over 3 million.

Forever Tippin 

Additionally, his most recent release paves the way for his anxiously awaited debut project Vivid Pictures, set to arrive later in the year. For now, give his most recent release, “Forever Tippin” a spin and let us know what you think! Stay locked here for more on the Houston hitmaker— Yung Pooda.

First, KAZI Magazine had the pleasure to chop it up with Yung Pooda, take a look below at all he had to say. 

The Artistry — The Yung Pooda Experience 

  • Hey Pooda! Thank you so for taking the time out to interview w| me and KAZI Magazine! Before we jump into our interview to talk about your trendy track, “Forever Tippin”, your artistry, what’s next, and more. For now tell us a little more about who Yung Pooda is and where it all began! 

I’m a spiritual, free-spirit individual that’s passionate about music and art. I always say I was born into this. My dad was a DJ that had every CD that you could imagine. There was that same appreciation on my mom’s side, so my passion for music happened naturally.

  • Growing up with your grandfather in Zydeco bands, and developing a passion for music at the young age of 9, what was the name of the first record you made in your home studio that your father built? Can you describe what that experience was like? 

That’s funny— I can’t even remember the name of that record I cut. I do remember being nervous, though, with not knowing what I was gonna sound like. After the experience, I knew that creating music was something I wanted to pursue.

  • Who would you say influences your sound? 

I’m inspired by so much around me, like where I’m from, but I wouldn’t say anyone influences my sound. I’m inspired by guys like Wayne, though, as far as bars and impact.

  • Being from Houston, TX, which is a huge musical hub, would you say it influenced your passion for music and sound? 

Yes. For sure, definitely. 

  • How do you put words to paper? What’s your creative process like?

I have so many creative processes for making music— I don’t just stick to one method. It keeps things fun. Sometimes I listen to the track repeatedly, and I think about the whole song before I write it down. I know it’s kind of backward, [laughs. I’d have the entire song in my head and then write it down on paper or whatever.

The Beginning 

  • As an emcee, rappers always have a particular record they love to perform that really sets the tone. What’s your go-to track to perform? 

As of right now, my latest, “Forever Tippin!”

  • You came on the scene last summer with your breakout hit single “Repeat That” which accumulated 2 Million YouTube views and counting… you’ve been on the rise since. How does it feel to be in that continuous cyclone of good fortune? 

I feel like I got a lot more work to do, but the process has been surreal. I’m forever grateful.

  • As an artist and creative, each and every record is a personal favorite but not every record hits from the jump. Did you expect your debut single to take you to such great heights so quickly? 

Somewhat, but not really. You never know what’s gonna takeoff. That track was so different from anything that I did at that point—on that scale. I took things to a different level artistically, and the reaction shows how it all worked out.

  • Staying consistent, you just dropped off your first single of the year, “Forever Tippin”! Congratulations! What was it like creating through the pandemic? Would you say it’s beneficial, difficult, or both?

Beneficial.  I got a lot of time to rebalance myself—my energy, and hone in on creativity. My engineer isn’t far from me, so nothing stopped the flow of creating more music.  

The Album — ‘Vivid Pictures

  • With your non-stop releases, you are really setting the tone for your highly anticipated debut EP title, Vivid Pictures. When can we expect the drop off? Is there a set date?

No set date, but the wait will be worth it for sure. 

  • Understood, well we most definitely are excited and know it’ll be worth it! Your previous releases to date have all been bops from “Repeat Dat” to “Chicken N Grits” featuring Dream Doll to“Beat Up The Block” featuring Paul Wall. Can we expect any more guest appearances on the new project? 

Oh, yeah! It’s special guests on there for sure. Extra special. We gotta keep that under wraps for now, though [laughs].

  • Without saying too much… What else can we expect from your forthcoming project, Vivid Pictures?

You can expect music that’s gonna last forever. 

  • How did the album’s title come about? 

Naturally, out of conversion, I would say. Throughout the project, for every track, you’ll be able to see it vividly. It’s like I’m painting a picture with sonics. I’m gonna put you in a situation where you’re not only gonna hear what I’m saying, but you’re also gonna be able to feel what I’m saying.

New Single “Forever Tippin” 

  • Putting a hot new twist on the classic “Still Tippin” with your latest single “Forever Tippin”, other than the production itself and being a classic, what inspired the record?  

Man, those violins too. I love those violins. Shoutout Cool/Dre.

  • The visuals were recently dropped off and they’re a vibe!!! Once you wrapped up the record did you already have the idea and inspiration for the video?

Nah, I actually didn’t. I have to give it up to Mr. Boomtown, who also shot the original “Still Tippin” video. He came up with the treatment, and when he sent it over, I didn’t want to change a thing.

What’s Next?

  • You recently performed at ‘The Official 713 Day Celebration’ in Houston, TX on July 13th. You did so alongside a few of Houston’s legends including Lil Keke, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, and more! How does it feel to be the latest rising rhymer to heat up the south? 

It feels good. Like I said, I got more work to do, but it feels good to get that recognition, especially alongside some of the greatest out of Houston.  

  • You’re paving the way for today’s artists, what is your goal with your music? 

My goal is just to inspire people. I’ve done my part if at least one person connects. 

  • Also, can fans expect another single or visual before the release of Vivid Pictures? 

Yes, for sure. I have a few more surprises before the project. 

  • As we wrap up, what’s next for Yung Pooda? 

Expect more music, videos, content—look out for Vivid Pictures too. 

  • Thank you so much again for chopping it up with myself for KAZI Magazine today! Before we close out, is there a message that you’d like to leave fans with?

God first and let the rest fall under that. 


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