Get to Know Tay Keith & The Fast Cash Boyz

Tay Keith‘s new group, The Fast Cash Boyz, is slated to be next up out of the emerging hub of Memphis. Inspired by street legends like Yo Gotti & Three Six Mafia, the four members of FCB and Tay Keith are trying to provide the post-COVID-19 music industry with the recharge it needs. Tay Keith is at his hottest as a producer, and he wanted to make sure his day ones had a chance to experience the shine. The group consists of C Jizzle, C-Money, TP Stackz & Money. They all bring something exciting and different into the mix, making all of their music interesting to listen to.

All of the ceremonies have been postponed, but Middle Tennesse State University graduate, Tay Keith, is poised to prepare his group to cross other big stages. The collective’s two latest features are from multi-platinum producer Murda Beatz & artist, Co Cash. Both “Cash Talk” & “Bad Habits” are bangers that will ring off in any venue once it is safe to go to one again. During our Zoom interview, we discussed how everything has changed, the come up, and the current landscape of Hip-Hop music.

Check out the social distanced interview below.

In today’s landscape, it is normal for a hot producer to take their talents to Atlanta. This is normal to keep the momentum of their hit streak. Tay Keith made the conscious effort to stay in Memphis and help boost their wave.

“It’s important to make it work from home because our area has always had a wave, and we are ready to carry the torch and make it bigger.”

Tay Keith & The Fast Cash Boyz

Their rise will be documented. Also, it will be in plain view for all of the up and coming acts from their hometown.

I believe any song that has a collaborative beat from Murda Beatz & Tay Keith shouldn’t be allowed. That combination can only be compared to when Kevin Durant joined the 73 win Golden State Warrior. On the latest Fast Cash Boyz single “Bad Habits,” you get just that, an unfair smash. The trunk-rattling banger was created in L.A. by the two multi-platinum creatives. Tay Keith mentioned that he and Murda Beatz were cooking up, and he knew that “Bad Habits” was the one. The single should be the first song played when every strip club opens back up.

The question of inspiration is always a fun one to ask. Next, when asked who inspired the collective, unanimously, they all mentioned Yo Gotti. It was clear that the respect for the CMG boss was strong in Memphis. Now Tay Keith is interested in creating his legacy and helping others along the way. In regards to Keith’s legacy, he said: “it was most important because I am a first-generation college graduate.” It was refreshing to hear that one of the industry’s most prolific producers valued his education and his impact on the younger people who look up to him.

Follow Tay Keith(@TayKeith) & The Fast Cash Boyz(@fastcashboyz901) on social media and stay tuned on their exciting future plans.

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