Get To Know Rob Hicks, Wisconsin’s Golden Child

Although the Milwaukee Bucks came up short in the NBA playoffs, Rob Hicks has positioned himself to be a star in any season. At 27, the young star has been dubbed the new Kendrick by many of the most popular outlets in the industry. His new project “SHIFTING” features production from legends like Statik Selektah, Mike Hector, and more. There have been constant rumblings about what he will do next coming off the heels of his exciting project “DEMORIPS.” He comes from a B-market town but he hopes that his A-list talent will help him rise to the top.

Check out our engaging conversation below.

AHMAD: Tell me who Rob Hicks is?

ROB: Rob Hicks is a laid back man from Wisconsin who’s been blessed with an opportunity to heal and make others feel great through the music that I distribute. 

AHMAD: How did you start making music?

Just freestyling really . I used to record in this mall that I used to go to and that kinda got me used to the studio vibe. After that I started going to professional studios and eventually learned and developed the knowledge to record myself over time. 

AHMAD: What inspires you now?

ROB: Not being content. Being better each day and being able to give my family more. That’s all I really care about honestly! 

AHMAD: You have been compared to Kendrick a lot, how does that make you feel?

ROB: I used to hate it just because I didn’t wanna be compared to nobody but I’m starting to embrace it now . It’s a compliment . If you’re gonna compare me to anyone , compare me to the best and that’s the attitude I take towards that.

AHMAD: How does being from an overlooked city change how you move through the industry?

ROB: I think it pushes me harder. I don’t really pay much attention to that though now . I used to but I see now that it isn’t impossible to make it out of here and I can’t control where I was raised, it’s in the past. I just go hard and push myself , once I’m at the level where I want to be in life , it won’t be an overlooked city after that.

AHMAD: What is next for you coming off the release of ‘DemoRips’?

ROB: My album. I’ve been working on a few different versions of it for about a year now but I think we finally got the sound I was looking for with this one. That’s the main focus right now just finish this album and I’ll worry about everything else once it’s complete

AHMAD: What song would you want people to listen to first if they never heard your music?

ROB: One of the songs that I’m working on now. I don’t think anything that I’ve released can do my talent justice as weird as that may sound. If I just had to pick one tho, I’d choose “Midnight Maraude.” It’s not one of my most popular sounds , but I pretty much showcased every ability that I have to offer as an artist in that record 

Follow him on social media @ihaterobhicks and check out his latest music below.

Featured image taken by: Gabe Oviawe

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