Get To Know Nyla Symone: NY’s Newest On-Air Media Personality

There are a couple of things that everyone in the DMV can agree on. Mumbo sauce is amazing, the traffic is trash, and the fact that Wale had every female growing up in the early 2010’s thinking they were an “ambitious” girl. Maryland’s own Nyla Symone still believes Wale‘s female-friendly poetic smash was written about her to this day. When I listened back to the ‘More About Nothing’ standout track ‘Ambitious Girl’ I had no choice but to agree with her.  Folarin starts the track exclaiming “My ambitious girl, I won’t forget you, I just reflect on how I ain’t met you, yet boo, You somewhere, getting your life in order, So for this time being, I hope this open scribe might support her, Support her, or work her, she worth it.” After we finished our interview, I concluded that the 23-year-old media darling is the definition of ambitious. 

At 23, Nyla Symone has become the youngest media personality and DJ at Power 105.1, New York’s #1 radio station for Hip-Hop & R&B. She has become everyone’s favorite little sister in at the office. She has learned from everyone from the legendary Angie Martinez to  The Breakfast Club’s Charlamange Tha God. Although she has achieved such great success, it is only a testament to her relentless work ethic and networking skills. Nyla‘s path to where she is now is exciting. She is a big believer in the universe and positive energy. Naturally, growing up a huge fan of J. Cole she decided to attend his alma mater St. John’s University. Although the school did not have much of social life, Nyla was able to spread her social wings by joining various clubs and spending a semester in Europe. Something she said that stood out to me was “You learn a lot about yourself when you step outside your comfort zone.” 

During her time in college, she started in the industry by working at the college radio station and created her on blog called The Vibe. She then transitioned to working with The Kocturnal and then The Source right before the summer hit. Nyla Symone has never missed an opportunity to learn and network. Naturally, when Angie Martinez came to St. Johns to speak during her book tour, she was present front and center. Nyla shot her shot with the Voice of New York during her interview with the WSJU students. After sharing her admiration for Angie‘s work, she mentioned her aspirations to do something similar in the future to no immediate avail. Then shortly after Nyla was surprised with a call to become an intern at Power 1051 for the Angie Martinez Show. This story is oddly reminiscent to the time an unsigned J. Cole waited with a burned CD outside of the label office for Jay-z to come out and give it to him. Fast forward, Cole is one of the biggest acts on Hov‘s label RocNation. Working her way up from intern to assistant, to taking various odd jobs along the way, Nyla applied for other jobs within the company but managed to get hired as a DJ at the station by the notable Thea Mitchem becoming one of the youngest and one of the first female DJs in the building. 

Nyla Symone with DJ Clue

The industry is full of highs and lows. To be a female in the entertainment industry, you have to deal with egos, misogyny, and negative comments from the fans. You also have to deal with the internal struggle of deciding how to balance being a fan and a professional at the same time which I feel she handles very well. Unfortunately, Nyla says people tend to use her kindness as a weakness, so she had to turn up.  

Nyla told me that she found success when she started showing the world what she wanted. You have to speak your wildest goals into existence. Although the 23-year-old media star is living a dream, she has a goal to become the Music Director someday. This past year she has done many interesting interviews, from Blueface, YNW Melly, and Jacquees, but she hopes to interview acts like J. Cole, Wale, Wiz, and Kendrick Lamar. In her spare time, she makes super dope old school infused music playlist and enjoys to journal. In 2019, Nyla Symone will be working towards becoming the hottest DJ/ Host in the tri-state and is demanding the respect she deserves.  Be sure to check out on Power 105.1 and her new podcast twentysomethings podcast on SoundCloud! 

Nyla Symone’s Power 105 interview with Blueface

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