Get To Know: Music Influencer Kyree Hollis

The music industry is full of talented creatives that make the world go round and Kyree Hollis is one of them. Born in Indiana, the A&R and music influencer is most notable for his viral works across music platforms like Triller. Furthermore, Kyree has played the role of a digital marketing strategist and personal assistant for several celebrities across the globe. Now, living in Los Angeles, he serves as a radiant voice within the music business.

A product of two respected creatives, Kyree moved to Atlanta at a young age. His mother was a business manager who worked with Devyne Stephens, Akon’s manager. On the other end, Hollis’ father is a GRAMMY-winning producer. Moreover, Kyree spent the majority of his childhood with his mother, enabling him to bloom at an early age. He was able to meet artists and learn the ways of business day by day. “My first $100 bill I ever received was from Young Jeezy when I was in first grade,” he recites.

Not only was Kyree exposed to a lot of music, but the LA-native played sports as well. Since first grade, he spent a lot of time doing football and basketball, which kept him busy. Hollis recalls memories of North Dekalb, a park in Atlanta where he started a lot of his early relationships. “Besides playing sports, I listened to a lot of music,” he says. Having an ear for the next big thing, Kyree would always find talent never heard of before.

Nowadays, Kyree is most for his works on Triller, promoting music for artists and labels alike. Since blowing up in September 2019, he’s worked with acts like Cam’ron, King Combs, Tyla Yaweh, and Tank God to name a few. “I feel as if Triller is more focused on music opposed to TikTok where it seems mored focused videos,” he states. One of his biggest campaigns was Yo Gotti and Lil Uzi Vert‘s “Pose,” which amassed millions of views.

“A goal of mine is to build up my business model to where labels get nervous and want to buy me out,” Kyree states. The LA creative has massive plans, which include starting schools, mentoring youth interested in entertainment, and more. “I want to use my knowledge and network to create high school academies specialize in entertainment business rather than its music, film, or sports.”

Keep learning and try to network and develop as many connections as you can. Always be yourself, and think longevity opposed to something quick that may not stay around for a while. 

Kyree on advice for young creatives in the entertainment industry.

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