Get To Know Mason Taylor, Virginia’s Own YouTube Sensation/Producer

What if I told you that if you worked hard enough you could pay your rent by placing beats on YouTube? Wait though, what if I then told you that these same beats you were putting on YouTube would help you get your song placed on Netflix’s most binge-watched show “On My Block.” Just to put the cherry on top, I told you that the same aforementioned beats could help you become an essential part of Sonny Digital’s new label/imprint Rollin’ Records. Now, of course there were a couple of other factors in this insane roller coaster that Mason Taylor lives but that is basically what happened! Virginia is the home of many production greats like Lex Luger, Pharrell, and Timbaland. Mason Taylor has taken a different route but soon will stake his claim amongst the VA producer Mount Rushmore. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Mason, you will soon realize that his genuine nature is key to his success.

Check out our awesome conversation below to get to know Mason Taylor.

Ahmad: First, tell those who do not know who Mason Taylor is?

Mason: Mason Taylor is a man of many things. One day, I’m locked in the studio making beats. Next day, I’m on a video shoot helping my brother, Joe Moore. Then the next day, I’m on the road heading to a show with Sonny Digital. But all in all I’d just say I’m a motivated & hard-working individual who strives to keep creativity alive.

Ahmad: How much does growing up in VA play a part in your life?

Mason: Growing up in VA plays a huge part in my life. Virginia will forever be home to me! It’s really all I knew until I started traveling around 23. I grew up in the countryside of Virginia, so there wasn’t much going on outside of high school football games & house parties. Music is what I think helped me stand out. When there wasn’t much to do, I’d head to the studio. With that being said though, once I got serious with music, I felt like I had to start hitting the bigger markets that were known more for music.

I literally turned 23 & said to myself, “I gotta meet more people”. So every month for about 2 years I would fly to LA or Atlanta just to be around different vibes. The best part about that is,I gained some incredible relationships with some dope people. Relationships that I still hold dear to my heart to this day. But at the end of the day, I’m always going to represent Virginia wherever I go. I got the UVA “V” logo tatted on my ribs.

Ahmad: You work day to day with the legendary Sonny Digital. What is it like being apart of Rollin’ Records and the team they are building over there?

Mason: Sonny is a brother to me. Bro just has a good heart. Like, I know for a fact he’d give the shirt off his back to someone. I’ve known him for some years now and I still can learn something new from him on any given day. What we’re doing at Rollin’ Records is special. We’re getting the tours & release dates together now, while at the same time cooking up in the studio day & night. It doesn’t feel like work when we’re all together. Everybody just clicks well. We’re like one big family. I can’t wait until we release all the stuff we’ve been working on to the world.

Ahmad: You have also had your songs placed on Netflix’s most binged watch show ‘On My Block.’ Please tell us how that came about.

Mason: Man, that moment was crazy! I remember just working on beats and hooks, stacking up the vault. Just to have music ready for whatever. I would send out reference songs & beats to one of my A&Rs, Bee, all the time. One day, I got the call from him saying “you got one”. I had to hold the news until the trailer for the season came out. When I released the news that I would be apart of the show, the love felt amazing.

Ahmad: You are getting very close to the 100,000 subscriber mark on YouTube. What does that mean to you at this point in your career?

Mason: That feels amazing! It’s going to be cool to get that plaque from YouTube. Being behind-the-scenes means sometimes your work may get unrecognized. So it always feels good to be recognized for your hard work.

Ahmad: You just recently started a new site called SoundCratez. Expound on your reason for starting it, and how much it can help an up and coming producer?

Mason: I started SoundCratez to help out the producers. I wanted to create a digital warehouse where producers could be able to get sounds, connect, get merch to represent themselves, etc. Producers are the pulse of the song & I want to do my part in the music community to shed light on them. For anyone wanting to check out the site its

Ahmad: You have a firm hold on the digital side of the music industry. Do you have any tips for younger creatives who are looking to garner similar success online?

Mason: First thing I will say is, NEVER STOP WORKING! Work on your craft every day. When it comes to the digital side, study algorithms. All the knowledge you need is really on the internet. If you’re putting beats on YouTube, learn about TubeBuddy. If you’re putting beats on Beatstars, utilize Facebook & Google ads. Learn about Facebook Pixel. Those things really make a difference. I encourage all producers to place their beats on Beatstars. That platform is extremely producer-friendly and their team is very hands on to answer any questions you have. From learning about license agreements to collaborator splits, they got you covered. Much love to Abe, Mike, & everyone over there.

Ahmad: Lastly, what is next for Mason Taylor?

Mason: More blessings, more music & more creativity. I’m in love with the art of creating so I’m always excited to spread my ideas into the world.

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