MarMar Oso: Sacramento’s R&B Trophy

Sacramento, California is known for its gangster rap and gritty bars from the likes of Mozzy, Celly Ru, and many more. However, with R&B’s latest rise to power this past year, a singer has bloomed. MarMar Oso is a 20-year-old artistry with music that pierces the heart of its listeners with emotion-filled lyrics. Not only has his latest slew of releases caught the ears of many, but MarMar is also bringing real R&B back. “Taking risks in art is just about trying new things,” he states.

MarMar Oso comes from a church background, where he picked up singing from fellow members in his family. It wasn’t long until the Sacramento-native realized he blessed with a sonically-pleasing voice. From countless nights of singing and creating viral snippets, MarMar finally gained the courage to pick up the mic. “I initially got into music as I was growing up watching many artists like Michael Jackson and Chris Brown on my iPod.”

In late-2018, MarMar shared the visuals for “Lost Feelings,” his debut music video which garnered over one hundred thousand views. Furthermore, the single stood as a standout on his Mixed Emotions EP which dropped that year as well. Around that time, Oso was still working part-time organizing packages for UPS. However, it wasn’t long until MarMar dedicated his life to music. “I quit my last job in January of 2019 and got my name tattooed,” he states. “I knew I had a name for myself realized music was meant for me so there was no turning back.”

“What inspires me most is just seeing where I am now and where I could be if I continue doing what I do. The thing that drives my creative direction most is my imagination and past experiences,” he reiterates impulsively.

Relationships are a strong focus in MarMar’s music, heartbreaks and tragedy in particular. As a matter of fact, his first album was a journey through failed relationships. These moments not only build character but allowed MarMar to pen hits in his formidable catalog. “I would say when I first started my music, it was about certain people in particular. Now I would say it’s about people in general or experiences I’ve dealt with,” he states.

One million and a half views later, MarMar Oso’s “Ruthless” serves as a fan favorite. Most recently, breakout star Luh Kel showed the song love via Instagram, adding to MarMar’s list of impressive co-signs this past year. “He’s a great artist and I always use to slap his song “Wrong,” so to see him mess with my sound is dope,” MarMar states. “We have something on the way very soon.”

I think the importance in taking risks in music is just about trying new things, such as genres and styles.

MarMar Oso is Sacramento’s unsung hero, a trophy in a sense. His latest slew of singles have capture the industry’s ears in addition to teasing his forthcoming album. “I have an album coming out, y’all can expect that real soon. I’ve also been working with some great artist but ill leave them a secret.”

Check out MarMar Oso’s latest music video, “Summer Fling,” below.

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