Get To Know LOWFi The Movement, Hip-Hop’s Next Best Trio

Throughout the course of Rap’s history, trios of talent have emerged and left listeners in awe. Whether it’s the Geto Boys or Flatbush Zombies, the ability to intertwine three distinct sounds is a gift that not many groups can achieve successfully. It’s even harder if you aren’t even legally an adult. That’s what makes LOWfi uniquely gifted.

Meet LOWfi, The Movement. The young trio consists of rappers Jayy Grams, Hayelo and Von Wilda. Both Grams and Wilda hail from Baltimore, while Hayelo originates from Broward County, Florida. Uniquely gritty and confident, the groups lyrical prowess is easily mistaken for that of veteran rappers – even if Grams and Von aren’t even 18 years old.

Gaining a large traction throughout the country, Lowfi is preparing to release their next album, Legion in the near future. I sat down with the group to discuss their come-up, motivations + goals for their career.

(Pictured: LOWfi at HOT97)

Jonas: It’s my understanding you all met through the music app, Booth, correct? If so, how did you all manage to find one another through that heavily populated app?

LOWfi (HAYELO): I’ll take this one. Grams and Von both knew one another from growing up in Baltimore. I actually was in Florida prior to us establishing the group, living in Broward County. But yeah, I remember I was looking through the app one day, and I saw someone (Grams) hitting MF DOOM beats. It surprised me, because not many people were able to hit beats like that and Grams killed it! We started messaging through the app, and the rest is history. (Laughs)

Jonas: Each of you are uniquely versatile in terms of your lyrical ability. Who inspired you creatively growing up?

LOWfi (Grams): My parents music selection definitely inspired me to be more in depth with my lyrics. My mom was a big fan of Biggie, EPMD, Erick B, Rakim, etc. I grew up listening to a bunch of different stuff.

LOWfi (HAYELO): Growing up in Florida, I was listening to it all. I remember listening to Trick Daddy and Trina create the wave. When I got into high-school, I got more selective with my music choices. I was only listening to people I deemed lyrically talented. Kendrick of course was one of those.

LOWfi (Von Wilda): My biggest musical influences coming up were Michael Jackson, Tupac, and Dipset. Around middle school I was rocking with hella other artists, so I was really just taking in the music and expanding my skill. My mother used to play reggae so I rocked with that lowkey.

Jonas: Grams and Von, this question is for you two. Baltimore is notoriously dangerous if you are a young black male. Whether it’s gun violence or the police, you have a target on your back. Were you both aware of that from the jump, or did it take harsh realities to fully grasp it?

LOWfi (Grams): I was forced to learn very early on actually with a lot of family deaths due to gun violence. What i didn’t know was how crime transcended the music as much as it does. That’s why Baltimore still isn’t known as a music city, which it should be because there’s mad talent.

Jonas: When people hear LOWfi, their immediate thought is probably to the ‘study type beats’ that are flooding Youtube. Is that where the name originated?

LOWfi (HAYELO): Well I think I speak for all of us when I say that those beats are not the message behind the name. (Laughs) We came up with the name from all of our shared mindsets. It’s the idea that we always remember the struggle of making low sound quality music we were making in the beginning stages. No laptops, no microphones, etc.

Jonas: Y’all have came a long way from those sessions. From bouncing around to Hot 97, to amassing hundreds of thousands of streams -LOWfi is inspiring the fellow youth. What advice do you give those looking up to you for advice?

LOWfi (all): Most importantly, understand your growth as an artist. We all look back at tracks we’ve made 2 years ago, and we think it’s wack. Not that it is, but that mindset of growth is key.

HAYELO: Additionally, if you’re just starting. Create at least 100 tracks before you publish. Be patient, and don’t rush the craft. You will only regret it.

Jonas: What’s next for you all in terms of releases?

LOWfi (all): We’re currently pushing singles, preparing for our next album – Legion. It’s set to release sometime in October. Stay tuned for updates, keep rocking with us!

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