Get To Know Lamont Sincere: NYC’s R&B Refreshing Break From Normality

Lamont Sincere is the definition of answering the door when opportunity knocks. We all know that social media is full of a lot of crappy content but if you are able to filter through you can find some great situations. This is what happened for Brooklyn’s own Lamont Sincere. New York City is tough, especially Brooklyn, and there is no way around it. Even if you did not grow up in some of the infamous projects you still have no way to avoid them. Growing up in this climate helped mold the Brooklyn crooner’s awareness and style. Just the idea of a male singer from Brooklyn throws most of his peers off. His vibe is different and his music sends his listeners through a musical roller coaster as they travel through the race track that is Lamont Sincere’s emotions. Our conversation was no different from how I felt with his EP. So, travel with me as I give you a glimpse of 2X Entertainment’s most eclectic R&B act.

Being signed to one of New York’s most promising acts, Casanova, is a blessing but with that blessing comes much attention. Lamont was no stranger to this attention as his upbringing led him to be around many of the industry’s top performers. I mean who else can say they have worked with Drake, Cory Gunz, Teyana Taylor, and JoJo Simmons. Don’t worry I will wait.. Lamont Sincere does not feel uncomfortable around any artist because he has received co-signs from greats like Diddy & Andre Harrell. Sincere always had a great relationship with Slim (Doug E. Fresh’s Son) and their work together led to his father asking Lamont if he wanted to just stay with them full-time. During this time is when Lamont was exposed to the highs and lows of the writing boot camp life. He spent countless hours learning from Doug E. Fresh about life in general, not just music. Sincere even received endless gems from all of Doug’s industry friends who came by the studio randomly. Lamont made it clear that he never knew who would show up but he was always ready to share his music and what he had been working on at the moment. His work ethic allowed him the opportunity to be placed on the 2014 Soul Train Music Awards background music. An accomplishment that the Mixed Emotions artist rightfully takes pride in.

Lamont’s ability to remain prepared is the exact reason he is in the position he is now. Two short years ago, Sincere had shot his shot when Casanova made a post stating that he was looking for new artist to sign to his 2X Ent. imprint. He instantly sent over a pitch to Cas & his homie Dave and patiently but anxiously waited for a response. To Lamont’s surprise, Dave and Casanova were already aware of his music and he was able to link up with them and the rest is history! Coming off the release of his latest EP Mixed Emotions, Lamont is still receiving spins on all of the marquee NY stations. He understands his music is different than most and he did not expect it to catch at first. He is now garnering the attention he deserves and it could not have been better timing.

Lamont Sincere wants everyone to know that in order to make it in any field, you have to treat yourself like an asset. He made sure to show love to Cinematic Music Group’s Hovain Hylton when talking about people in NYC that were grinding under a similar mindset. Lamont’s music is inspired by the likes of Raphael Saadiq, 112 and Marvin Gaye. He draws inspiration from legends like Michael Jackson and Usher when he wants to get into his dancing bag. In 2019,Sincere’s excited because he has a new situation and dope music to pair with it. So if you are not on the bandwagon now it is not too late to jump on. He will be in a city near you performing soon.

Follow @lamontsincere on IG and stream his latest project Mixed Emotions below!

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