Get To Know Kiera Please, Social Media’s Favorite Influencer/Creative

Kiera Please has one of the most prolific social media accounts on Al Gore’s Internet. She has the perfect mix of interactive captions, engaging content, and pure energy to be a social media darling. The LA, by way of VA creative, uses her advertising background and infectious personality to draw on the heartstrings of fans all across the world. After she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, she spent some time in Atlanta soul searching. She then made her exciting transition to LA in search of her Manifest Destiny. The move has proven to be beneficial as she has amassed a large social media following and connections with some of the biggest brands in the world. Kiera rose to social media prominence because she never avoided the tough subject of social anxiety and other mental health issues. Her consistent interaction with her followers has been seen as encouragement. Kiera is a star because she is relatable, and that is what makes her so popping now.

Check out our in depth conversation below.

Ahmad: First, tell those who do not know who Kiera Please is?

Kiera: I believe Kiera Please is a woman who likes to share her life with people all around the world in hopes to show that your individuality can be expressed without second thought or hesitation. She wants to communicate the message of self-love and identity. I try to do this by actively investing myself in my interests (cosplay, music, podcasting, fashion, etc.) and expressing that it is possible to succeed at being yourself.

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Ahmad: Of course, we grew up together, so I know you’re from VA. Can you tell us how much growing up in VA played a part in your life?

Kiera: I think growing up in VA helped me uncover some of myself, that’s where I found my love of cartoons and animation growing up, it’s also where I met my best friend Mary, whom I do a podcast with now! Virginia aided in me finding the pieces of my personality that earlier I would shame, but now I celebrate. However, leaving the nest and leaving Virginia helped me gain a better perspective on how these pieces come together to create Kiera and how to unconditionally celebrate and love those parts.

Ahmad: In today’s influencer landscape, many people want creatives to stick to one thing. Can you talk about how you have been able to be multi-faceted and still manage your fans’ expectations?

Kiera: I never know if I’m doing the exactly right thing lol. But I can’t stick to one thing; my mind wanders to too many places, I have too many things I want to explore even if they lead to absolutely nothing or my wildest dreams. I honestly don’t know if I’ve reached people’s expectations, but having a wide array of areas lends itself to a wide variety of different people. So if one person doesn’t necessarily care for fashion, but loves SpongeBob, and vice versa there’s a place for them in my community and page! I love the diversity of people I can bring together.

Ahmad: Your latest single ‘Breathe’ is impressive. What was your headspace like when you created it?

Kiera: It was the very first song a sung and recorded. Me and my producer Tofu Jack created it together. It was my very first attempt at recording music. I love the sounds of Willow Smith, Sza, Kali Uchis, and even songs from Adventure Time and Steven Universe. I wanted to make something similar to those feels, something calming that you’re able to listen to when you want to relax. The song goes back and forth between taking a step back from and slowing down and enjoying the process with someone while simultaneously wanting to go all in. At that time, I believe my headspace was in a place of both serenity and chaos.

Ahmad: You have partnered with many brands like Coke, Pretty Little Thing, & BET. Please explain how you decide which collaborations make the most sense to you.

Kiera: It’s pretty simple. If I believe in the brand or if I would personally invest my time to check out something on my own time, I do. It comes down to if I would watch, wear, or try the product or service without any incentive. I don’t promote or share things that I don’t think would be beneficial for myself or friends or don’t believe in or don’t use/like. Invest yourself in situations that make sense to you, and you stand behind.

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Ahmad: You have amassed over 630K followers on Instagram. Can you give any advice to the up and coming social media influencers?

Kiera: Always be authentic to yourself; share what you want to share. Don’t try and copy other people, learn from others but keep your essence and uniqueness. Some things will work for growing your channel and some things won’t, all you have to remember is to keep trying and discovering what works for you.

Ahmad: You just recently started voice acting lessons! What are you hoping will come from that?

Kiera: I’m hoping to become a voice actor haha! Again, I’ve always loved animation growing up, and I’ve decided to act on that dream and take the next step. I’m hoping to get into specifically voice working for animation (fingers crossed I become a cool cartoon or make my own lol), but interested in narration and commercial as well. Pretty much whatever I can dip my toes into to get my start!

Ahmad: You have become a staple in the cosplay community. How do you find most of your outfits to do these?

Kiera: It can be from modifying clothes in my closet to costumes from thrift stores. Sometimes I have the opportunity to work with cosplay stores who sell their outfits and I get to model them! It varies though and depends on the complexity of the gear. A lot of times I do closet cosplays so I’m able to manipulate pieces I already own.

Ahmad: Lastly, what is next for Kiera Please?

Kiera: Hopefully playing shows, cooler cosplays, me in a Disney film lol, and expanding my brand to areas little ol’ me never thought could be possible.

Follow her on social media @KieraPlease & Stream her new single ‘Breathe‘ on all DSPs

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