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Kayo Genesis, a creative reigning from Palmdale, California wears many hats: from Musician to cinematographer, his loyal fanbase receives nothing less than an experience when tuned in. From his performances to his videos to the lyrical content, he brings the energy. As he continues to grow as an artist, Kayo Genesis has managed to combine multiple elements into his artistry guiding him into a realm of his own. 

At the start of Quarantine and the COVID outbreak, I had the chance to chat with Kayo on the phone about his new songs, how he has been staying busy and what’s to come this year. Recently, the artist relocated to New York which was the sort of epicenter of the virus at the time. Luckily, due to working remotely and freelancing, the mandated quarantine did not really affect what Kayo had going on. “I’ve been trying to just educate myself on the importance of the whole thing and I’ve been staying healthy which is important. Drinking sea moss and trying to educate on the health side of things.” With the outbreak still running rampant and a ton of uncertainty, our immune systems are our main defense currently. 

Kayo Genesis x DJ Booth
Kayo Genesis x DJ Booth

Coming from Palmdale and relocating to Brooklyn is a big move for any artist and the coast to coast differences are often portrayed in music. When asked about how the move and music scene in NY has affected his music or inspired it further, Kayo explained how he’s still finding his crowd and niche in Brooklyn but the change of scenery was definitely needed. We went on to discuss what his mindset is before here performs or films a video, if you ever get to check out his performance highlights the crowd and Kayo are fully in motion, feeding off each other’s energies. “I kind of try to tap into what I was feeling when I created the music and I try to remember its not about me necessarily, I try to just live in my truth and its not about how people view me. Some of it is just in the moment, you just go with it.”

One of the cool aspects of his artistry is that he has cinematography experience which is evident in his music videos. “I had a dance group back in the day that turned into a music group and a couple of different rap groups in Palmdale and I kind of was the glue for all of the content, as far as the recording, the engineers, all the rappers and filming. I kind of just did it because I wanted to have a rap group and no one else was gonna do it or had money to. I educated myself on filming and went to school for it for a little and self taught.” He went on to do commercials, weddings and music videos and other ventures that grew his passion for it over the last ten years. There’s something magical about the connection between visual and audio even on a computer basis. Kayo Genesis said, “I’m just always trying to find visuals that match the audio that shares an experience. It keeps me going. It’s challenging and new. It’s even given me the opportunity to do special effects for Chris Brown and Tyga and all types of different situations.”

With an album under his belt and multiple singles, Kayo continues to release music frequently for his fan base. On his instagram lately you can find “The Kayo Show” where the MC has been releasing music almost weekly. Often including topics  surrounding what is going on in the world currently; on Episode 2 he released a track hitting on the Ahmaud Arbery case. The show has been giving fans something to look forward to and offering a release for Kayo as well. “It’s alot to share energy with the world, I have so much to show, it’s a piece of me.” His lyrics are very conscious and aware in his music which gives him a certain edge. 

In the coming months, Kayo plans to continue releasing all the singles he can and working on his second album. Continuing his journey and expanding his craft, Kayo has plans of traveling (post COVID), possibly buying an RV and getting his music out into the world more. You can check out his single “Dopamine” here:

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