Get To Know: Johnny Quest The Rebel, “Addicted 2 Money” Success, His Artistry & More

After his 2020 project, Johnny Que$t The Rebel returns with his most recent release, “Addicted To Money”. With his new single, he plans to continue his path as one of hip-rising hop’s stars.

New Jersey Native Taking The Music World By Storm

Hailing out of New Jersey, Johnny Quest the Rebel, is making headlines with the visual for his trendy track. With the help of producer BVTMAN, the Trenton native flipped the legendary Bone Thugs & Harmony smash hit titled, “For Tha Love of Money” making it his own. 

Johnny’s music video recently debuted on BET, causing a national stir. Many fans would expect the song to incorporate imagery of exotic cars, ladies, or other material items associated with coveting money. In fact, Instead, fans will see mirrored versions of the rapper, stressed out about the whole thing.

People interact with you based on how they value you. My addiction began increasing my value.” – Johnny Que$t The Rebel.

Johnny Quest the Rebel – “Addicted 2 Money”

The record and paired visual for “Addicted 2 Money” is about seeking comfort and sanctuary in money and value as a substance (to the point of obsession). His track evolves into a self-made story about gaining self worth in the absence of external connections, resources, or addictions. 

Since, Quest has taken his talents coast to coast and is now based in Los Angeles, CA. He is on a quest to follow his dreams and keep people informed through his music. Be sure to stay tuned! For now, do us a favor and take a look at the brand new music video for “Addicted 2 Money” and let us know what you think! First, don’t forget to check out our interview with the rising rhymer. Johnny Quest the Rebel sits down with KAZI Magazine‘s very own, Minnee to talk new music, his artistry, the pandemic, and more!

Johnny Quest The Rebel & KAZI Magazine Interview

  • Hey Johnny! Thank you so for taking the time out to interview w| me and KAZI Magazine! Before we jump into our interview to talk about your trendy track, “Neva Fold”, your artistry, what’s next, and more. For now tell us a little more about who Johnny the Rebel is and where it all began! 

Young 90s baby and I have been going crazy!  Where did it all start? My origin story began in Trenton NJ. Proud Jersey native. Ironically neither of my parents are from Jersey. My dad is from Georgia, moved to Paterson, NJ when he was in High School, and my mom is from Southeast DC. Having parents from the south really molded me differently. From my pops I get my work ethic and from my mom I get my style and grace. Trenton gave me awareness, recognizing friend from foe and making sure I stay five steps ahead.

I played sports my whole life, even playing football in college while going back in fourth with taking music seriously, and that’s what makes me so competitive. Now I only compete with myself and get better at being me daily. Becoming an artist stems from understanding that, as a human, what makes us different is the ability to express ourselves. I believe the only thing no one can take from you is your thoughts and your voice. So it all started with finding a voice. As a fan my favorite artist gave me a voice and when I found mine I wanted to share it cause I don’t know who my voice could help. I would be selfish not to share that!”

  • How long has music been a part of your life?

Forever, eva eva. My parents would play albums around the crib, 70s and 80s vinyl. My pops listened to jazz and both of them was off soul and funk music. So they was in they bag when the G-Funk era hit. I remember the story when my mom bought the Snoop “Doggystyle” cassette when I was like 1 or 2. She aint know they was cussin like that so she took it back. But anyway I started rapping around 9.

I used to freestyle with my cousins and my older brother in Grandma’s basement in DC. And when I got home me and the homies always would rap and freestyle. I forgot I used to be in the band before I started going hard with sports. Elementary and middle school I was on the percussion. I could’ve kept going, instead of scoring TDs I could’ve been on the field with a Bass Drum or Snare on the Drumline for real. I recorded my first record with the homies as a group when I was 13. So, my whole life.”

Continued With Johnny Quest the Rebel

  • Who are your musical influences? Would you say your artistry is anything like theirs?

This is really hard for me cause I don’t want to say the cliche answer. So to start I’ll say Poor Righteous Teachers. They are from ‘The Town’ and probably the last artist/group from Trenton on MTV and all that. They were speaking real righteous too. Past that…Outkast, they are so cold to me cause they could do everything musically and creativity and the way both of them put words together is flames. 2pac, Jay-Z, Cam’ron, Nas, Snoop, DJ Quik and on the real, Kanye influenced me crazy.

I feel like Ye’ was like I’m betting on me, like money on me and who I am and my personality and I don’t care if you like it or not, but that’s why you love it, because I’m me. I’m influenced by the south too, I rock with H-Town hip hop crazy. My life is chopped-n-screwed. And the blog era hip hop is crazy.  I think I’m a combination of all my influences. Again I’m a 90s baby, I feel like Hip-Hop had balance then, it was gangsta, conscious, pop, independent and major. I’m human so my artistry is balanced because I have seen a lot.”

  • What would you say sets you apart from other rappers in the industry?

That balance. I feel like I can connect with most people cause I actually have. I was in all different rooms and spaces. I’ve had my lows and I’ve had my highs and you’re gonna get all these perspectives. If you listen and connect with me you’re gonna understand that I’m about transformation and evolution. I’m a living testament, I’ve evolved and continue to do that. So I stand apart cause I am who I am naturally and organically.  We all are Rebelz if we strive for something cause that means we want something to change. You couldn’t manufacture this”

Continued With Johnny Quest the Rebel

  • •How do you put words to paper? What’s your creative process like?

I’m 1000% a writer. Love putting pen to pad. Pencil to paper more now to erase things and edit. I’ll write on my phone too. And my process isn’t crazy. Most of the time I know the message or concept I want to get across. I’ve thought about that and searched for the production that matches. Other times I might hear a beat that inspires and the pencil get to writing cause it seems like the beat was made for me to say a specific thing. I know I’m an album and concept guy so I really create short films when I sit down and make music. So from start to finish you’re gonna be able to travel with my music and see how the story develops.”

  • Packed with so much talent — how long does it typically take you to pen a record? 

“It depends. I’ve written verses in 10-15 min befores but sometimes you gotta let something marinate. Start writing something then come back to it when the feel is right. Could take a few days even longer. I’m not gonna force it cause I know what it feels like when you get in the zone and it feels right.”

Keep Reading With Johnny Quest the Rebel

  •  If you had to sacrifice one skill, which would you least like to let go of? Why?

“I couldn’t sacrifice how I find solutions through any obstacle. Me and the team are problem solvers. I can’t give that up. Its a little different but my moms always put on my conscience that you have to have a good sense of direction. So I’m never lost. In situations other people would be stranded, we gonna find a way home, ya dig!”

  • As an emcee, rappers always have a particular record they love to perform that really sets the tone. What track would you say is your favorite to perform? 

With quarantine I can’t wait to perform some of my new material. But I love performing “Rebelz N Tha Hood” . It’s a powerful track and I usually do most of the song acapella. I’ve had standing ovations. The energy turns into a Def Poetry Jam vibe.

  • You touch on it throughout the lyricism of your record but what does it mean to you to “Neva Fold”? 

The essence of perseverance. If you have a purpose or goal, fight for that. Don’t allow anything or anyone to stop you. While you fight, build that champion endurance. So no matter what don’t bend, don’t break and don’t fold. If you own that, for real, anything is possible.”

  • I don’t want you telling too much, but what can we expect from the “Neva Fold” visual which is set to drop on July 16th? 

I don’t want to give it all up but what you can expect is to see how to apply “Neva Fold’n”. The video is showing how to react when you meet pressure, you gotta make something happen to get that weight up off you. In the video, we figure it out. We leveled up this video so I think you’re gonna get to see a little bit of everything, showing the hustle, a little comedy. Everything! It will be something special coming with the video. That is all I’ll say about that.”

More About Johnny Quest the Rebel

  • What influenced the creative inspiration for the highly anticipated official music video for “Neva Fold” 

When I sit down with the team, I just think how can we get this message across visually. Also, how can we make it different, so it is something that stands out and that you will remember. This is the visual component so I want it to supplement the track. So the audience should be able to understand the message even if they audio was muted. So a lot of videos show the glamorous life with the rented foreigns but this for your everyday person who is living paycheck to paycheck and the rent due. What you gonna do? “Nobody ask you where you got your dolla, they ask you do you have it”

  • As we close out our interview, what’s next for Johnny Quest The Rebel?

The quarantine put me in the hyperbolic chamber so I’m breaking out this jawn like wolverine. So you know how he hopped out the tank and started spazzin on everybody, that’s how I’m coming.  For real I loaded up, so you’re gonna see a lot of me everywhere. A few music projects will be dropping before we get to 2022. Renaissance Music is about to go on a run. The buildings of a dynasty. So with that, more visuals and more quality music. And we are mapping out everything now to get on this road and get these shows in. Can’t wait to see how people connect with the music live. On top of that I’m gonna let people tap into Quest more. With all the content you’re gonna learn more about me and the vision.See what the dream really about F.R.Y.D follow & reach your dreams.” 

The Wrap Up

  • Thank you so much again for chopping it up with myself for KAZI Magazine today! Before we wrap up, is there a message that you’d like to leave fans with?

It’s time to make this shift in the world. All the real Rebelz gonna be on the front lines and we are getting what we want and nothing less. Rebel change the world, don’t forget that. The renaissance has begun. Stay F.R.Y.D”


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