Get To Know: Jerome Whitaker and His Project ‘RoseAnna’

Climbing to the top with his new project titled, ‘RoseAnna’ is none other than Jerome Whitaker! The Michigan crooner lays it all out on his album as he sings and reminisces about his feelings and experiences with love and life. Solidifying his place in the music industry through his heartfelt lyrics and production musical production, Jerome isn’t stopping there. In fact, he wants to use his position as an artist to capitalize on his growth in being more than just a musician.

Who Is Jerome Whitaker?

With so much to offer, Jerome is a role model to his listeners. Providing lyrics and music that gentlemen age or younger can relate to and appreciate. On tracks like, “Play Time” and “My Grind”, Jerome opens up about the balances and joys of the saying “ work hard, play harder”. He penned these lyrics to reveal the obstacles he faces daily all while weathering the storm and getting to where he wants to be.

“Been down for a minute can’t wait to say we made it. Everyday wasted from the pain I wish it vanished. Bet they don’t know the things I will manage. Say a prayer before I write hoping God blesses me with talent.”

‘RoseAnna’ the Album

Not only are the lyrics that are packed into the ‘RoseAnna’  EP impactful, but Jerome has the vocals to match! Carrying the tune so well, Jerome makes for his records to be a smooth vibe and listen – something that just can’t be ignored. In addition, Jerome caters to the women on his latest project. Tracks like “Island vibes,” “RoseAnna,” “Secrets,” and “Aaliyah.”  display a more sensitive side of Jerome. He talks about the deep love he gives when involved with a special woman and how he is an emotionally intelligent man. 

The second track titled, “Aaliyah” he expresses the love he had for a woman who had his back through thick and thin. In detail he goes on to explain that during his musical journey, he enjoys having a strong woman behind him to keep him solid and motivated. 

Stay Tuned For More Of Jerome Whitaker

‘RoseAnna’ is compiled with records dedicated to the masses. While men can relate to the everyday thoughts of a man, the women can appreciate the creativity, lyricism, and approach within the project. It comes as a dedication to all of those near and far who supported him throughout his musical journey. 

Do yourself a favor and stream RoseAnna here on KAZI Magazine!


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