Get To Know: Jennaske, The People’s Champ

Jennaske has been on the rise lately worldwide. From appearances on television, a feature from kodak Black, and an immaculate beauty; Ske is one of the rappers who is up next from New York City.

Lately, she released two singles and videos “Grind Don’t Stop,” & “Trust.” New music from Jennaske is always a good vibe that fans wants. However, she wants it more for herself than anybody else.

“Music keeps me focused on the bigger picture,” she said. Ske continued with, “2020 I didn’t release as much music as I would have liked to so 2021 that changes. ‘Trust and Grind Don’t Stop’ just dropped, ‘Sway’ drops on the 19th. The moral is I’m dropping fire tracks all this year so stay tuned.”

The passion Jennaske portrayed from the words peaked my curiosity on the overall catalog of music she is set to release. Not only from a quality or quantity standpoint but from a versatility point of view. “Trust” is more melodic while “Grind Don’t Stop” is a cesspool of hard bars.


Two tracks with two different styles but it’s amazing how it has one thing in common. They show sides of Jennaske’s personality that we haven’t seen on Love & Hip Hop or any form of media.

“Music is my greatest form of expression, along with dancing,” Jennaske stated. “When I’m stressed out about life in general, I love hitting the studio and just airing everything out on the mic. I want my fans and people in general to listen to my music to understand how I feel. Hopefully, I express how they feel on particular topics as well.”

“The greatest gift of artistry is the ability to coin your painful and happy moments in classic music. That’s a goal of mine, to make dope songs that anybody anywhere can listen to. All my appearances and interviews are cool.”

“However, I want to make a song that touches that number one spot on Billboard and the hearts of people. The ‘Grind Don’t Stop’ until then!” (Jennaske chuckles vibrantly)

Hunger, passion, energy, beauty, and charisma, traits seen in the young rapper from New York that makes a budding star. With every new song from Jennaske, fans will discover new sides of her yet untold. More than a actress and creative vessel of talent. she is a person.

The real beauty of Jennaske is not only her looks or fame but how regular she is as a person. She aims to be approachable to the every day person, not just celebrities or influencers. Just like her latest track “Grind Don’t Stop,” her drive doesn’t stop to become a icon in music who relates to all people.

One day she shall become an international music staple. Until then, Jennaske stays ten toes down in the studio for her next hit.

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