MIAMI GARDENS RISING POP STAR | Get To Know: Hulio with the h

” Murda Gardens pop star, product of my environment but my music is a product of me.

-Hulio with the H

Hulio, also known as Hulio with the H, seems to be one of Miami’s most talented undiscovered artists to date. Growing up in “Murda Gardens”  (Miami Gardens) and finding his love for creating music after releasing his first single “New Dude” around 2018, his rising fame and supportive fans can whole heartedly agree. Bringing a new sound to South Florida, I can’t see him going anywhere but the top.

I got the chance to talk with Hulio in an interview and get a more in depth understanding of his vision for where he wants to go in the industry.

Check out our conversation below!

BB: What is your main source of writing inspiration?

Hulio: “ Traveling, seeing, hearing, and experiencing different things. Sometimes even other artist, I can be listening to a song that I think is fire and I’ll just think man I need to write. Some hooks that I’ve written are motivated by things I’ve gone through personally but the verses in all of my songs are always inspired by just seeing or hearing shit, just the art and passion I have for music. ”

BB: Is there an artist that you compare yourself to or aspire to be like?

Hulio: “ Everyone always tells me I got my own sound. I’ve never heard anyone who sounds like me. I’ve even made a challenge where I would cash app one of my followers $100 if they could send me someone who makes similar music and they always fail. My sound, my voice; it’s exclusive. I aspire to keep it that way. “

BB: What is your goal for the next year as an aspiring artist?

Hulio: “ Honestly and truly, covid and this whole quarantine changed my mind on planning and setting goals. I can’t look at it from a year stand point no more because anything can happen. I can blow up tomorrow or I can blow up in 60 days, I just don’t know. As for next month, a new song, a new lit video. My song “Easy” will be on the radio. And just more growth, new fans. A lot of new people are tapping in and discovering my music; I love it. “

BB: When do you think your music first started to take off and get recognition?

Hulio: “ Well after my first single release “New Dude” I went from about 4k to 8k followers on instagram so I was like wow, this is real. I knew that this was it. That song got me a lot of exposure, I was featured in 2 magazines right after and I know people who have been making music way longer than me who never got this close so I just knew that this was for me. People fuck with my music. The fan base has been growing ever since and I don’t plan on stopping now. “

BB: What is your ultimate goal for being in the music industry?

Hulio: “ I’ve always told people I would be happy just making money with my talent. I definitely want to own the rights and royalties to all of my music. Of course I want to be huge but the goal isn’t to be famous, the goal is to be paid. I want a committed fan base that listens to my music because they think it’s fire. Even if I only get 10k off listening streams a week; I would be satisfied. “

BB: How does being a recording artist affect what you do outside of making music?

Hulio: “ I mean music is everything I do. It’s the way out, music will fund the dream. I want to make it my main source of income. I want to be able to invest into my neighborhood and the communities I grew up in. Flip the money because of it with the people I grew up with so we can be rich forever, we got businesses. Pieces Of Fashion (@PiecesOfFashion_) and Sway (@SwayProduct) So that’s all I want to do, make music, make bread, and bring it back to my people. “

BB: When do you plan on dropping your next project?

Hulio: “ I have a few more singles to drop before releasing a tape, I just want to continue building the anticipation and fan base so when my tape drops it gets the exposure it deserves, but it’s coming real soon. ”

BB: What are your views on God and how do you feel that plays in your passion for making music and where it’ll take you?

Hulio: ” I grew up in a divided household but God was always put 1st. My father is muslim and my mother Christian, seeing as my pops was always in and out I grew more towards christianity. I have a sleeve on my arm dedicated to Jesus dying on the cross for me. I don’t make any moves unless they are calculated with the most high! I am a heavy believer! I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today without the most high . . . I always knew him but in 12th grade I went through a rough patch and God really saved me! Ever since, I been on the up and up! “

Hulio With The H has been consistently proving he has what it takes to make timeless hits. Covered by the most high and supported by dedicated fans; the growth is inevitable. His unique sound is making its way up the scale after every release and he will be on top of the charts very soon.

Stream “Easy” on all platforms and follow @HulioWIthTheH for more music and updates!

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