Get To Know Hovain, The Manager Everyone Needs To Watch

I thought about starting this post with an excellent quote from Hovain. Then 30 minutes later I realized how just about everything the Brooklynite says serves as pseudo-gospel for many Twitterlectuals like myself. So where do I start? Hovain Hylton is New York through and through. The true definition of a hustler. His ability to transcend generations with his wit without reaching is admirable. There is a lot of casual fans of the culture who wonder how this seemingly normal guy from Brooklyn has so many friends in the music industry. By the time you are finished reading this, you will know precisely who Hovain Hylton is.

Hovain might be the only other person from New York who can call themselves Hov and no one will bat an eye. The Brooklyn boss is a manager, A&R, label owner, father, and husband. Hov has worked with everyone from NY legends like Cam’Ron, Jim Jones, and Styles P to Platinum recording artists like YFN Lucci, Flipp Dinero, and T-Pain. The list goes on and on. Hovain has been able to amass such success with these acts by moving with integrity and being open to hashing out differences. Although the pairing of him and Jonny Shipes seemed extremely unlikely at a time due to their previous clients, the Universe inevitably brought them together.

At times like this, Hovain is clear that nothing in his life has happened by coincidence and that his road to success has been entirely engineered by God. Like many of the great music executives before him, he had to get it from the mud. He never had a co-sign or ever had someone to show him the ropes of the tremulous entertainment industry. Hylton wanted to make sure that anyone who wants to be in this industry understands that integrity will take you a long way. Hovain asserts “A lot of people are afraid to speak up for what they believe because they are afraid to fight or lose their job.” Hovain has made it this far because he is not afraid to do either one.

Hov has plenty of moments in his life where he just sits back and thinks “man is this my life” but no moment is never too big for him. Furthermore, the respect for Brooklyn’s own Hovain has been high since the concert days with his partner Sickamore. Their concert series was focused on bringing artists who were popular on blogs but had never performed in NY. Hov and Sickamore are responsible for Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hussle, and Wiz Khalifa’s first NY performances. They partnered up with XXL to provide all-age shows that will be engrained in the minds of many New Yorkers forever. Moments like these have prepared him for his recent studio sessions with Kanye West that have been taken place during his Sunday Service series. Conversations with legends like Styles P, Jim Jones, and Ye were unfathomable at a time, and they have become commonplace for the CMG shot caller.

The tandem of Shipes and Hovain is no different than MJ & Scottie Pippen. The duo drove Cinematic Music Group to a legendary year, and they are poised to go back to back like it’s 96’ again. Please do not be surprised if/when CMG becomes the dynasty they are shaping up to be. Hov said that his partner’s ability to find talent is unmatched and for that reason, they are able to always find gems that are sometimes hidden in plain sight. Please be sure to look out for new acts like LowFi, Abby Jasmine, Rob Markman, and Yungeen Ace as they look to solidify their place in the game this year. Be sure to not forget about the seasoned veterans like YFN Lucci, Smoke Dza, Dave East, and T-Pain as they continue to thrive off the momentum of their previous work. As Hovain looks to the future is exceptionally bright. He had a fantastic year last year, be sure to stay tuned for what 2019 and beyond has to bring for him and Cinematic Music Group.

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