Get To Know: “Heart Of The Delta” Artist Baby P

Buzzing from the streets of Belzoni, Mississippi is none other than YPC’s very own Baby P. The rising triple threat artist who does it all as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Early on, as a teenager, the YPC signee developed his passion for music and sound in the comfort of his own bedroom. 

Although young, P had to grow up fast. Having a child at the young age of 15 really motivated him to pursue his passion and make a living out of it. Unfortunately, without the support from family and lack of support from peers, P didn’t have it like many emerging artists. With that being said, he wanted to prove the doubters wrong. In doing so, he dedicated himself to his craft daily in order to perfect it. 



He also found inspiration through his famous aunt, whose stage name is Denise LaSalle. LaSalle is an American R&B, Blues and Soul Singer. With a newfound love for his craft, he began betting on himself. After making the difficult decision to drop out of college and pursue music professionally, it was soon after that Baby P recorded his hit, “Vibe With Me.” 

Garnering such positive feedback from his “Vibe With Me” record, fast forward a couple of months and he was contracted by indie record label, Young Paper Chasers (YPC). The label later added the Mississippi artist to the roster. Since inking his deal with YPC, he has had the opportunity to work alongside other artists such as, TLE Cinco, OMB Peezy, Big Boogie, and Lil Migo.

“Heart of the Delta”

Baby P is creating a lane for himself in every region, gathering fans. YPC’s Baby P is soon to be a house-hold name pushing  the Young Paper Chasers movement in full effect!

His new project titled, “Heart of the Delta” dropped January 15th, 2021. The 10-track project comes as a slew of hit records. From start to finish ‘HOTD’ comes as a no skip necessary project. Don’t believe me? Give the EP a listen and let us know what you think! 

Once outside opens back up – Baby P will be hitting the road for a worldwide tour and on a stage near you! Until then, we’re looking forward to what else Baby P has in store, so stay tuned!


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