Get To Know: Florida Hit Maker CorMill

Over the years, Florida has birthed a slew of emerging producers and arguably, CorMill is the most blossomed. He comes from humble beginnings, having a hardworking mother who did her best to raise him. CorMill lived in Amsterdam for fourteen years before finally moving back to Florida, where he attended high school. He was playing sports and making beats while maintaining a high-grade point average. “Fun fact, I was even late to prom because a couple hours before I was making beats and forgot about the time,” he remembers.

Interestingly enough, CorMill continued to go to school for not only his academic success, but also athleticism. As a Division 1 foot player, he’s previously played in both Sun Belt and SEC Conference. Furthermore, CorMill also made an appearance as a Sports Illustrated All American this past year or so. Between making beats and going to practice, it made the Florida-native well-rounded. “All I have to do is make some beats and it helps keep my mind of school and football,” he points out.

Since his emergence, CorMill is notably responsible for YNW Melly‘s “Hold Up (Wait 1 Min)” and J. Green‘s “Rugged.” However, his catalog expands beyond the Florida scene, touching geographies like New York and Maryland. “As a producer, it gives you a good feeling, and it’s addicting so it motivates you to make more hits,” CorMill recites. My favorite records produced by him consist of Killumantii‘s “Undercover Pressure” and Lil Poppa‘s “Smoke.”

“Stay focused and visualize yourself being successful. Try to stay away from drugs and use the money you have, to invest it in yourself and in your craft.”

CorMill gives advice to the youth.

Amongst the long list of influences, CorMill credits his most important to none other than his cousin. When asked who was his biggest, he replied: “The only person that had a major influence on my music career is my cousin, Arthur.” Elsewhere, CorMill points out “We make beats together, and if I need honest feedback about a beat I made he would be the one I would ask if my beat is a banger or if it’s trash.”

CorMill has a bright future, whether it be through football or breaking records. “I see myself producing multiple gold and platinum hits. I am also planning on diving into to Afro music scene,” he states. There’s no doubt he’ll become the big thing, following in the footsteps of staple producers like Metro Boomin’ or Murda Beatz. “I have many other goals, but I want to manifest them before I speak on them.”

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