Get To Know The Biggest DJ In The Carolina’s: DJ B-Lord

The Carolinas is well on it’s way to becoming the new hot-bed for Hip-Hop, J. Cole is continuing to add to his resume as one of the best hip-hop artist ever and acts like Dababy & Stunna 4 Vegas, are two of the hottest new rappers in the game hailing from North Carolina. Hit-making producer JetsonMade hailing from South Carolina is making a name for himself with his energetic beat making. The Carolina’s also have some hidden talent you may not know about like Orangeburg SC’s PG Ra or Spartanburg SC’s and 300 Entertainment’s NGee YL.

Without a DJ Hip-Hop would be non-existent. The DJ is a vital part in the Hip-Hop bloodline. DJ B-Lord, who was born in a small rural South Carolina town is that lifeline for Hip-Hop in South Carolina. DJ B-Lord has used music as avenue to also become an entrepreneur. Learn a little more about him in our conversation below.

For those who may not know you tell us who is DJ B – Lord?

To make a super long story short, I’m a professional and veteran DJ involved in a life-long love affair with all things Hip Hop. I’m also the proud Papa of Little Charlee Harper and I dibble and dabble in the beverage industry. 

You are the premier DJ for the Carolina’s how did you get into Djing and music in general ?

I fell in love with music and hip hop when I was 9. My Mom was really into music and she sparked my interest in it. She always supported my love for music. Once I was old enough to get out of the house on my own and start doing live DJ gigs and I found out I could actually get paid for it, I went all in. 

The Carolina’s are buzzing now, but hasn’t always been a hot-bed for hip-hop who were some of your influences from SC?

My influences as a DJ come from all over, not just SC. I looked up to some of the legendary DJ’s of the ’90s like Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex, Greg Street and others. But being from SC and seeing other regions getting shine for Hip Hop just made me grind harder. After Master P created his own wave with No Limit from a then unheard of region for Hip Hop (New Orleans) I was determined to make my mark as a DJ from SC. 

What’s your opinion on the Hip-hop scene in SC now? Who’s some artist, producers or DJ’s we should keep an eye on ?

It’s time to work. We can’t be happy or satisfied with the newfound attention we’re getting or we’re going to lose focus. It’s time to mash the mufuckin gas right now. No letting up. 

You did some work on one of the most influential shows of our generation in the hip-hop world “Rap City The Basement” how has that opportunity help shape your career?

It was a huge national platform and it helped set me apart from a lot of other DJ’s. It put me in another bracket and in a different light. I hustled so hard that they had to pay attention. Networking game is on 1000! 

It’s important to have a unique sound to stand out as a DJ, what separates you from other DJ’s?

I think the way your present yourself and brand yourself has just as much to do with your success as the way you sound. Yeah its good to have a distinct mixing style, but the way your brand yourself on social media and beyond is important too. 

You had deals with grey goose & Seagrams Gin before eventually pushing out your own alcoholic brand “Happy Juice” what sparked that entrepreneurial mindset in you?

It just made sense. I’m already in different clubs every week doing over 100 gigs a year, so why not have partnered with different liquor brands to help them create awareness for their brands. They have big budgets for marketing. I just saw the opportunity and grabbed it. When it came time to launch Happy Juice (my own product) I was blessed enough to have two very smart and ambitious partners who helped me pull it off. At the end of the day, it’s all about leveraging your brand and your worth to get bigger deals. 

Let’s talk about the “Red Cup Kickback” how did that come about?

The original idea was to do a live stream on Facebook with me DJing and having a few people over to make it look like a kickback. That changed the first night when over 50 people showed up. From there it just grew and grew with each event until now where we’re doing 700-800 people at each one. The next one is in Charleston SC July 28th. We’re expecting over 1,000 people. It just keeps growing. Check us out on IG at @redcupkickback 

Lastly, what’s next for DJ B-Lord and who would you want to shout out ?

Shout to my daughter Charlee Harper and everybody that’s been supporting all my different endeavors over the years. As far as what’s next, I’m a firm believer in showing instead of telling. Stay Tuned! 

Be sure to connect with DJ B-Lord on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with all his future endeavors.

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